A informação em tempo real para o sucesso dos eventos

Real-time information for the success of events

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When organizing an event, it is crucial that all participants have a good experience before, during and after. Organizing an event involves many tasks that can cause errors, such as manual entry to the event, payments, collection of participation kits, among other things. Using a system to analyze and manage the entire event in real […]

7 Management tools that all business owners should use

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In busy day-to-day business, it is not always easy to manage all projects and tasks. Fortunately, there are applications and management tools that simplify life if they are well used. In this article we present you 7 applications and management tools that all entrepreneurs should use! Dropbox Dropbox is a service for storing and sharing […]

Conheça as principais métricas para avaliar o seu desempenho nas redes sociais

Learn about key metrics to measure your performance on social media

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It is no longer a novelty that social media play an increasingly important role in the business world. The current consumer “lives online” and it is very important that your brand/company be present in social networks where your target presence. To ensure the success of your presence on social media, it is not enough to […]

Visão 360: saiba como integrar toda a informação do seu negócio

360 Vision: Find how to integrate all of your business information

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Technology has changed the way we live and how we work. In an increasingly technological and digital age, companies need to focus on increasing their competitiveness and productivity. Technology is now an essential element in supporting business and has a direct impact on its results. Companies need to use modern management systems that are able […]

Conheça os ganhos de fazer a gestão integrada da sua empresa

Find the benefits of doing the integrated management of your company

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Managing a business is not easy. There are many influencing variables and without good control over all of them it is difficult to find good solutions. And having control of everything that goes on inside your company has already been extremely impractical. Nowadays, there are good solutions that allow this type of analysis and thus […]

ERP e CRM: tudo o que precisa saber sobre estes conceitos

ERP and CRM: everything you need to know about these concepts

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Technology has changed the way we view business and how we work. There are several solutions that help us in our day-to-day business, automating processes and facilitating the consultation of information. ERP and CRM are two concepts present in many companies, but there are many people who still confuse the two themes. In this article, […]

Conheça as 4 fases de um desastre informático e saiba como proteger-se

Get to Know the 4 Phases of a Computer Disaster and Find How to Protect Your Data

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Computer disasters exist and people who think that only happens to others are wrong. The causes for these disasters are immense: inadequate infrastructure, unskilled professionals, lack of security software, among many others. In this article, we’ll talk about the phases of a computer disaster and give you some tips so you can protect yourself and […]