Technology and business management: main changes

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The technology is here to stay and its evolution is getting faster and faster. Companies need to adapt to change so they will easily be outdone by competition. In today’s business world, day-to-day routine is dominated by machines, which in most cases represents higher levels of productivity and lower costs. In this article we will […]

5 tips from Gartner to analyze your data in real time

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Gartner is the world’s largest leader in technology advice and research and supports the importance of real-time data analysis for better decision-making. “Real-time analytics can enable data science teams to perform modeling, simulations, and optimizations based on a complete set of transaction data, not just samples,” said one Gartner analyst. In this article, we present […]

Sistemas de telemetria e informação em tempo real para uma gestão mais eficiente

Real-time telemetry and information systems for a more efficient management

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Telemetry systems allow remote monitoring of the state of various equipments. It’s a wireless transmission and data reception technology widely used in the fleet area that sends important information directly from the vehicle in real time. When telemetry systems are combined with real-time monitoring systems to analyze the overall state of the fleet and the […]

The biggest mistakes in indicators definition

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Defining business indicators in a conscious way is fundamental to be able to analyze the business objectively. It’s essential that the indicators can show managers solutions in order to correct errors and implement new strategies. There is still much difficulty in defining indicators and in this article we present the biggest mistakes that happen when […]

Mobile Devices: Competitive Advantages for your Business

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The trend is global: people are increasingly using mobile devices. Nowadays, we prefer to access Internet through these devices and its evolution allows us to access it from anywhere in the World. At a personal level, there is no doubts about the modifications and advantages of mobile devices, but in the company level we don’t […]

Why should small and medium-sized companies invest in a management system?

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Small and medium-sized company’s managers are not always able to deal with the bureaucratic part of the business and in these cases the best solution is to invest in management systems as this will improve the flow of operations. An integrated management system automates processes, contributes to the reduction of administrative errors, generates important information for […]

The importance of real time information in Business

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The evolution of technology makes changes happen at an ever-increasing speed and in today’s fast-paced business world, every second counts. Being constantly updated ensures speed and efficiency in decision making, and it helps creating competitive advantages that will result in an increased value for company. Markets are becoming more competitive and consumers, as they are […]