Gestão de dados: como otimizar os resultados da sua empresa?

Data management: how to optimize the results of your company?

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Optimize your business data management The main purpose of data management is to organize them in the best possible way so that they provide us relevant information for an effective decision making. Companies are passing a delicate period in relation to information management, because they produce more and more data (big data) and often don’t […]

Saiba como a análise de dados o pode ajudar a definir uma estratégia de mercado

Find how data analysis can help you to define a market strategy

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Understand how data analysis can help you define strategies Intuition is not enough when deciding what’s best for your company. Fact-based data analysis increases the likelihood of making the best decisions for the future of your business. More and more managers are aware that analyzing data in a timely manner is a necessity in today’s […]

5 Digital Marketing Trends that Influence Management

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Get to know digital marketing trends that most influence the management The evolution of technology has created new forms of consumption and the market has adapted to a new way of relating to potential and current customers. These changes made digital marketing a major player in today’s business. Nowadays, everything happens at a dizzying speed and […]

5 Vantagens da transformação digital para as empresas

5 Advantages of digital transformation for your business

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Find how digital transformation can help your business Digital transformation is revolutionizing the business world and goes far beyond of eliminating paper in companies. This is a technology-enhanced process that should fit into the company’s strategy. Digital transformation is a complex and time-consuming process, but the advantages it brings to companies are vast. In this article, […]

Conheça os vetores que estão a transformar o software de segurança segundo o GARTNER

Get to know the vectors that are transforming security software according to GARTNER

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The market of security software is undergoing a dramatic transformation and according to Gartner there are 4 reasons: the use of advanced analysis, the adoption of SaaS (software as a service), expanded ecosystems and new data protection laws. Due to this new reality, companies are redesigning their security systems. The overall security market is undergoing […]

Descubra como a tecnologia pode aumentar a produtividade nas empresas

Find out how technology can boost business productivity

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There is no doubt that technology has come to revolutionize the business world. In this article you will learn about the benefits of technology in the corporate environment. Increasing productivity is one of the biggest goals of a company, regardless of its size. Today, entrepreneurs have been wary of using technological products to achieve this goal. […]