• A leading Portuguese accessories brand, specializing in fashion accessories for women.

  • The company currently operates 170 stores in 19 markets - including France, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Angola and Mozambique - and in four of these markets - France, Spain, Portugal and Poland - it has made a strong, direct investment.

Customer Challenge
  • In today’s rapidly evolving market, customers constantly demand greater value, search for unique services and require an authentic relationship with the business and the staff.

  • The volume and variety of business information continues to increase, making understanding the business behavior an ongoing challenge for retailers worldwide.

  • Real time information is vital for the development of successful retail brands and strategic decisions.

  • Features a wide geographical dispersion and faces the challenge of staff mobility, which makes communicating effectively throughout the entire organization a very difficult task. Electronic mail and the intranet, which are the classical tools for business, have proved not to be able to ensure that effectively all the people get information on time.


Multipeers Approach
  • Bring useful information in real time to the users

  • Useful up to date store information pushed to the store POS

  • Universal availability of information

  • Excellent visibility of operational performance

  • Business alerts in real time

  • Multipeers enables real time monitoring of sales targets at store, regional and global level, enabling both sales staff and manager to effectively manage (and meet) their KPIs

  • Marketing can now launch a full campaign in less than a day, which previously took more than a week

  • Sales staff can now provide more accurate and faster answers to customer inquiries regarding stock and item availability

  • After 8 months using Multipeers, 70% of the stores meet their daily targets and monthly sales objectives

  • Multipeers deployment was considered a huge success and became a retail reference implementation

  • Usage has been extended to convey progressively more information to the store helping in the process of improvement towards a more efficient organization

  • More business areas are now adopting Multipeers as their platform of choice for business monitoring and interaction

  • The client recognizes that Multipeers is a key differentiator in their information systems and an important element of today’s success strategy