Multipeers is an innovative collaboration tool that will help you to increase the performance of any business.

This solution allows that all business information is sent to the same user whenever something happens. In addition to ensuring that up-to-date information is available, it’s also a graphically clean and interactive way to analyze and take action immediately, improving individual performance and thereby increasing organizational efficiency.

Multipeers provides a robust management platform that collects data from a variety of data sources and, being highly customizable, allows the distribution of information processed in many different ways, such as interactive graphics, widgets, meters, RSS tickers, etc. It can also be defined who will receive each indicator so that each user only has access to the relevant information the function.

By providing real-time information, Multipeers drastically reduces the need for access to information systems, notifying all users about the existence of new data and thus safeguarding them from the need to search for information.

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