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7 Advantages of using real-time data analysis

7 Vantagens do uso da análise de dados em tempo real

Learn how real-time analysis can help your business

The amount of generated data has increased significantly due to the widespread use of mobile devices and due to the reduction of storage costs. In a market where information is the most important asset of companies and where consumers are increasingly accessing all the information they need instantly, analyzing data in real time represents a very important competitive advantage. There are many advantages associated with the use of tools that allow real monitoring of the business and in this article we highlight some of them!

To have a complete view about the customer

With real-time analysis you can immediately see what customers prefer, their needs, and the problems they face. This information guarantees a more personalized service.

To identify changes in the immediate

A small change in the market may increase or decrease the demand for a particular product or service. Having up-to-the-minute information, you can identify this situation without causing problems for the business. Therefore, after identifying a less positive situation, for example, it’s possible to take corrective measures immediately and thus minimize possible risks.

To correct deviations in operational processes with brevity

A failure in the production process can mean serious problems with customers, suppliers and partners. Keeping track of the production process in real time allows us to identify possible failures and their correctness, without letting the process with a problem drag to its final stage.

To combine multiple sources of data and content

With the use of a system of data analysis in real time it’s possible to aggregate in a single system all the information related to the company. In this way, the access to information becomes much easier and the time previously spent to gather information from various sources is reduced.

Makes processes more agile

As real-time information management programs present the information in a condensed and ready-to-analyze form, the need for extensive reporting will eventually disappear. In this way, employees who previously had this responsibility will have more time available for other tasks, which will certainly contribute to an increase in their productivity.

Reduction of the mistakes probability

The use of real-time data analysis systems reduces communication failures and accelerates data consolidation. All company information will only be in one place, which makes analytical processes more agile and effective.

Data on mobile devices

All real-time information management programs have the potential to be used on mobile devices. Therefore, it’s possible to be in a meeting on a trip and to have real and updated information about the state of the business. This translates into a reduction in the time needed to make decisions or solve situations, since you don’t have to go to the office before you can act.

Business is happening now and it’s essential that companies have management systems that allow them to analyze the data at the moment, not wasting time and consequently opportunities.

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