How to use Cloud for a more efficient management?

Como usar a Cloud para ter uma gestão mais eficiente

Learn how to get the most out of Cloud

Cloud Computing is a model that allows full access, through network, to a set of shared computing resources (networks, datacenters, storage, services, applications, among others) that can be quickly made available with a minimal effort and without interaction with the supplier. In this article, we’ll present you 5 tips to get the best out of Cloud.

Working socially

More and more companies have an advanced vision and take collaboration to another level by using Microsoft OneNote as a central and shared document where they can share all the information of the project. OneNote syncs every 5 seconds and automatically saves the new updates. Yammer connects employees remotely and increases their collaboration, and consequently the efficiency of the team.

The future is mobile

Mobile technology multiplies 5 times faster than the world population. Thanks to the Cloud, it will be possible to view and to edit all Office 2016 documents, from any mobile device. This makes business more and more efficient, as it’s no longer necessary to wait to be in the office to change important documents.

Synchronize the business

It’s difficult to find a business these days which has a fixed schedule from 9am to 5pm. Nowadays, companies are more flexible regarding schedules and due to the use of Cloud and mobile technology it’s possible to work from any location and at any time. Cloud storage synchronizes information between different devices, so everyone is able to work on the most up-to-date version of a particular document, regardless of which device they are using and where they are. The Cloud guarantees high level security and privacy.

Simplifying Meetings

Meetings are an important part of any business, providing a valuable opportunity for people to discuss, collaborate, and strategize. However, there are many meetings that aren’t productive. New communication and collaboration tools such as Skype for Business make easier to host meetings that are more efficient and productive and don’t require everyone to be in the same place.

Documents shared by all elements

Today’s markets move quickly and to keep up with their pace, a company’s employees need to work simultaneously on the same documents, such as sales reports, marketing plans, and more files. Collaboration with productivity features such as Office 2016 and Office Online makes possible for a team to edit documents at the same time. These features are supported by Cloud and are therefore automatically saved, and you it’s always possible to check the history of changes.

The present is already mobile and it is expected that this will be a trend in constant growth. Working in the Cloud not only ensures better collaboration between all the elements of a team, but at the same tile helps to reduce costs and to increase productivity.

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