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How Technology Has Changed Decision Making

Como a tecnologia mudou a tomada de decisões

Learn how technology has influenced decision making

The large amount of information that currently exists is a concern for companies, which increasingly find it difficult to manage this information and manage it in order to take the better decisions.  In the old days, technology was used only to automate tasks and to reduce the need for human work, but today it enriches the entire organizational process, optimizing activities, eliminating communication barriers, among other advantages. Management software has played a key role in helping managers to make assertive and conscious decisions. In this article we talk about how technology has changed decision making!

Real-time information: the possibility of accessing the information in real time changes everything because it’s the guarantee that we are always working based on the most current information that exists. Decision making is made easier because there is no need to consult old reports to decide what to do next. With information so accessible, the likelihood of making decisions is much lower, which certainly increases the efficiency of companies.

Creating Business Alerts: Real-time information management software such as Multipeers enables you to set up business alerts that alert managers to abnormal situations that require your attention. This fact makes it possible for managers to carry out their day-to-day tasks in a quiet way because they know they will be alerted when something abnormal happens. This allows corrective actions to be taken immediately, ensuring the rapid resolution of problems.

Mobility facilitates follow-up: Being able to track the status of the organization through the tablet or smartphone is essential for an effective proximity to the business. More and more we use mobile devices and we manage many of the operations through them (reading and sending emails, doing banking transactions, among others). The availability of real-time information for mobile devices allows us to be always attentive to everything that is important in the organization, so that there is no loss of time in decision-making.

More dynamic management: the data available in real time allows instant analysis and decisions are more conscious and efficient.

Immediate perception of the problems: real-time information informs us about the state of things, which allows us to know in good time what is going wrong, so that we can solve the situations. With this new management model, it isn’t necessary to use old reports to find out why something went wrong, because we are alerted immediately.

Technology has changed the way we live and the way we work. With technology, it’s easier to access information and, consequently, to make better decisions that allow the company to achieve success!

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