The impact of the Internet of Things on business

O impacto da Internet das Coisas no mundo empresarial

See how the Internet of Things influences the business world

The Internet of Things has the power to change the way we live and the way we work. Nowadays, the cost of accessing the Internet is very low compared to the beginning of the technology era. Mobile devices are becoming more appreciated and more devices are built with network connectivity. All of these conditions create the ideal scenario for the Internet of Things.

In a very simplified way, Internet of Things aims to connect any device to the Internet. According to Gartner, by the year 2020 there will be more than 26 billion devices connected to the network. At home, this concept aims to make life easier for people, but its application will also have impact in the business world.

Real-time Marketing

With the Internet of Things it’s possible to collect data about consumers in real time, anticipating their needs and creating strategies and campaigns that satisfy them. Real-time data collection is far more effective than exhaustive market research.

Equipment maintenance

The Internet of Things can be used to convey information about the wear of a company’s equipment, thus helping with maintenance issues. It’s also possible to recognize faults early in the production process, which allows the problem to be repaired immediately, preventing more serious complications in the future.


The connection of logistics equipment with the Internet of Things helps companies to increase their efficiency in customer service, and it’s also possible to deliver faster and increase customer satisfaction.

Application in Data Center

In industries, the Internet of Things proves to be very useful since it’s possible to measure temperature and humidity levels. The sensors are integrated with network and system monitoring tools and, if stipulated values ​​are exceeded, alerts are generated to take corrective actions.

Greater security care

Companies need to ensure that information shared between devices connected to the network remains secure and with so many devices connected at the same time, the need for security is even greater than before. Companies will therefore need to find professionals capable of providing this security, which will result in a more effective management and a greater protection of all information.

The application of Internet of Things are endless and every day new discoveries are made in this area. The world is changing and companies need to change too so they are not outdated.

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