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Challenges of real-time information processing

Desafios do tratamento da informação em tempo real

Get to know the main challenges of real-time information processing

In a highly competitive and dynamic market, to have knowledge is to have power and having updated information in real time is an important step to the success of any business. However, this new way of management brings with it numerous challenges and doubts and in this article we talk about it.

Correct definition of business indicators

One of the main problems presented by the management teams is the lack of knowledge about the indicators that are really relevant to the business. A real-time management system gives us up-to-date information on the state of the business, but we need to define the indicators we want to analyze. Often, management teams are uncertain about the indicators that should come to their attention, which is a challenge. It’s essential to have a broad and deep knowledge about the business to be possible to define the most relevant business indicators so that the best decisions can be made. Managers are responsible for deciding what information is needed to run the business in the best way, and they should be aware that it is not a responsibility of IT teams but a responsibility of all the leaders.

Prioritize security

There is still some mistrust about the use of real-time information systems, for fear of information leakage. Increasingly, these real-time business management solutions give importance to security by ensuring that no information is lost or passed on to the outside. Making systems inviolable is always a challenge for IT teams, due to the rapid technological evolution that we see today.

Fast technological evolution

These days, technology is evolving at a breakneck speed, which makes IT teams constantly face the challenge of being up to date. Often, because of a system upgrade or a software change, there are features that become obsolete or fail. Real-time information processing software must be constantly aware of what is happening in the world of technology, so as not to run the risk of facing bugs that can endanger the whole management of a business.

Veracity and reliability

Real-time information management systems face the challenge of presenting real and error-free data. This is an ever-present challenge, because real-time information management systems encompass information from a variety of sources, and the probability of error is higher. However, more and more systems are infallible, increasing the confidence of those who use them on a daily basis.


Nowadays, we can access the Internet anywhere and at any time and mobile phones are prepared to perform tasks that a few years ago could only be performed on a computer. For this reason, the need to receive business updates on mobile devices is greater. Real-time information management systems must be ready to be used on any mobile device because this will increase interest in the product and increase the efficiency of those who use these systems.

Efficient information management and the ability to solve problems before they have practical effects are a critical point for companies. Through the use of information management systems in real time it’s possible to have a more assertive and global monitoring of the whole business. The challenges of managing information will always be present but due to technological developments, it’s becoming easier to follow the business to the minute.

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