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Real-time telemetry and information systems for a more efficient management

Sistemas de telemetria e informação em tempo real para uma gestão mais eficiente

Know the relationship between telemetry systems and real-time information

Telemetry systems allow remote monitoring of the state of various equipments. It’s a wireless transmission and data reception technology widely used in the fleet area that sends important information directly from the vehicle in real time. When telemetry systems are combined with real-time monitoring systems to analyze the overall state of the fleet and the business, the benefits are immense.

Greater security

Through software such Multipeers4Fleets, it’s possible to monitor in real time the driving style of the drivers. If the driver is leaving the predefined route, for example, an alert is issued that warns the managers immediately, who can find out what is happening at the moment. The same happens when the driver is driving too fast. Managers can be warned in real time about the situation and they can act on the moment.

Cost Reduction

Reducing operational costs is one of the main goals of most managers. Through real-time monitoring it’s possible to alert drivers about the incorrect aspects of their driving style by investing in training tailored to the specific needs of each driver. In this way, monitoring the business in real time allows reduces unnecessary costs.

Real-time tracking

Having all the information available in real time on your desktop is a way of being able to apply preventive actions immediately, reducing the probability of having more serious problems in the future. If you cross-reference a driver’s geographic positioning data with the driving time, you can alert the driver about the need to end the shift, thus reducing overtime provided by that driver.

Interconnection of departments

Using a real-time business monitoring solution allows integration with other systems within the organization, complementing the solution with useful metrics to other departments. It’s easier to convey information throughout the organization, so that all employees are up to date on the real state of the company. On the other hand, Multipeers4Fleets allows you to define the indicators that each employee receives in his daily life, so that he only receives the necessary information for the execution of his work.

More effective global management

Multipeers4Fleets offers quick reading reports, providing a broad view of the state of the vehicles, the fleet and the business as a whole. Through a simple and intuitive interface, it’s possible to analyze at each moment the state of the business to improve, in the immediate, possible deviations in the fleet. It’s possible to obtain indicators with kms analysis, consumption, driving hours and non-compliance with norms and objectives. The combination of telemetry systems with real-time monitoring software allows you to cross-reference data from the most diverse systems to discover and solve problems and improve performance.

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