Tecnologia e Gestão

Technology and business management: main changes

Tecnologia e gestão de empresas: principais mudanças

Get to know the main changes that technology has brought to the management

The technology is here to stay and its evolution is getting faster and faster. Companies need to adapt to change so they will easily be outdone by competition. In today’s business world, day-to-day routine is dominated by machines, which in most cases represents higher levels of productivity and lower costs. In this article we will present you the key changes that technology has brought to business management.

Reduction of time spent dealing with administrative issues

Administrative issues consume a great deal of time in companies but they are strictly necessary for the proper functioning of organizations. However, thanks to management software and process automation, today it’s easier to manage the administrative part of a company, automating processes and freeing up human resources for other tasks.

Better time management in the commercial area

One of the most recurring complaints of commercials is the lack of time. Trips to a meeting are often time consuming and this causes a waste of time without a real production. Due to the technology, it’s possible to make a meeting via Skype and videoconference, which eliminates the time spent on travel. Meeting in person is essential, but in a first phase the face-to-face meeting can be replaced by a “remote” meeting. CRM systems also allow professionals in the commercial area to have a more organized day-to-day life, which is an indispensable tool for their work.

Growth of digital marketing

The current consumer lives online. If before we only surfed the Internet through computers, nowadays, due to the growing of the use of mobile devices, we can “live online”. Thus, companies have increasingly bet on digital marketing, investing in appealing and responsive websites and communicating products and services through social networks. Digital marketing brings very positive results to companies because it’s easier to target the audience we want to reach as well as create a stronger relationship with the customer.

Deeper study of competition

Nowadays it’s very easy to know what our competition is doing. The market is no longer static or closed and companies are aware that with the great use of Internet they can no longer live without communication. Nowadays, through websites, blogs, social networks and newsletters, we can always be aware of what our main competitors are doing.

Business monitoring and follow-up

Thanks to business monitoring systems such as Multipeers it’s possible to analyze the status of the business at any moment. In this way, decisions are based on up-to-date information, which makes them more aware and effective. Analyzing the business in real time through appropriate performance indicators has changed the whole way of running a business. Nowadays, it isn’t necessary to access reports that are difficult to read and analyze, because all information about the company can be available on the desktop and on mobile devices.

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