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Find the most frequent Cloud Computing mistakes

Conheça os erros mais frequentes em Cloud Computing

Find the Mistakes to Avoid in Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing means that you don’t need a place to access files and programs: everything is done in the cloud through an access to remote servers. However, it’s necessary to take into account that there are vulnerabilities in this type of technology and that some errors can have great operational and financial implications for the companies. Get to know in this article the main mistakes made in Cloud Computing!

Lack of planning by managers

You must decide which files and programs will migrate to the cloud. Likewise, it’s necessary to always have a prepared Plan B: if the Cloud service fails, how can employees continue to work? Activating a disaster plan and frequently doing backups are two good options to minimize impacts if something goes bad.

Failure to define accesses

In order to ensure the privacy and security of your information, different levels of access must be defined for different users. It isn’t advisable that all employees have free access to all of the content in the Cloud. To ensure data security, each employee must have access only to the information he needs to perform his work.

Lack of security concern

Nothing is a hundred percent foolproof and one of the major disadvantages of cloud technology is that a company’s data and files run the risk of being unprotected. Security issues should be planned at an early stage at the time of transition from the location to the cloud. Really sensitive information shouldn’t be migrated abroad. However, cloud technology is proving to be more and more secure, and security-related risks will be increasingly reduced.

Having an unsuitable Internet service

Cloud technology calls for good Internet access. If there isn’t a good server and a good data connection, access to the cloud will be more time consuming and complicated. The tendency is to blame the Cloud Computing services but problem is internal.

Wrong choice of Cloud Computing service

There is the general and erroneous idea that any Cloud Computing service is perfect for a company. However, a Cloud Computing service is just like any other and should be chosen according to the specific needs of the company.

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  1. Hello Andreia, cloud computing is great technology. There are no hardware, no need of complex software programs, no additional devices and resources etc. But while implementing the solution we commit several mistakes which leads to cyber attacks. Therefore, we need to be very careful while integrating our solution with the cloud services.
    Thank you for sharing the knowledge with us.

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