Is your business data secure?

Os dados da sua empresa estão seguros?

Find out if your business data is safe

About 30% of people who use a computer don’t make backups. Many of these people don’t back up their personal information, but they also don’t guarantee copies of business information. A good technological infrastructure is as important today as having solid foundations that physically support the organization. Nowadays, information is one of the most important assets of a company and it’s imperative to invest in its security to survive and win in a competitive business world.

Companies today face major security threats because of the mobility, big data, and Internet of Things. Antivirus is no longer able to guarantee systems and access protection by itself, and it’s only the first layer of protection that must be encompassing and cross-cutting across the entire organization.

Threat of mobility

Mobility allows you to access company information from anywhere and from any device. The management of this risk must be considered by the company’s managers. To do this, they must ensure good management of threats and incidents through protocols that monitor all system failures. They must also prevent the loss of information in all areas, whether through access, system failures or accidental data deletion by the employees themselves. Finally, they must implement compliance policies and rules that ensure the proper functioning of security mechanisms.

Alliance between productivity and security

A good security plan ensures that accesses from the most varied devices are safe, regardless of the platform used. Thus, companies guarantee the productivity of their resources, through the protection of sensitive data. Nowadays it’s possible to share machines with different users without giving passwords. Biometric technology ensures fast and secure authentication.

Define multiple layers of protection

The dangers to information security are increasingly diverse and come in many forms. Companies must rely on several layers of protection that are articulated together that result in an insoluble protective shield. Solutions like antivirus, firewall, data encryption, security of mobile equipment and anti-ransomware solutions are mandatory in any company.

Be proactive

Repair is not a valid choice when it comes to information security. However, there are still companies that don’t have an active security plan and after the incidents have attempted to fix situations. A company nowadays cannot run the risk of seeing all their data exposed or made illegible and having the awareness of the importance of activating security plans is the first step to protect their information.

Disaster Plan activation

Disaster Recovery is a plan that ensures that a disaster doesn’t affect the company’s performance and guarantees the desired level of performance. They also have a reactive action because they carry out actions in emergency situations that were previously planned. Companies dealing with large volumes of data should always opt for this system because they guarantee the protection and recovery of data even in more extreme situations.

The security strategy must be seen as mandatory in today’s companies, so that there is no possibility of getting lost in digital transformation. Security must be a commitment assumed by all elements of an organization and top management must promote a comprehensive strategy for implementing a strong and secure organizational culture.

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