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5 Infallible Tips to Increase Productivity

5 Dicas infalíveis para aumentar a produtividade

Improve your productivity with our tips

All professionals want to do their work within the established deadlines, without compromising the quality of the final result. Throughout a day’s work, the tasks are immense and sometimes it’s difficult to make a good time management, which compromises daily productivity. We present you with 5 sure-fire tips to increase your productivity without harm the quality of your work!

Balance between working time and rest time

When we have a lot to do, we tend to opt to work longer hours. But actually working more hours doesn’t mean working better. If we are tired, our income will be very low and then the quality of the work will be totally compromised. It’s advised that for each hour of work, take a rest period of ten minutes. In your daily work plan, include time for breaks. With these short breaks, you will feel more energetic and have a greater intellectual capacity to face all the challenges!

Dedicate yourself to one task at a time

It’s good to be able to do several things simultaneously and today multitasking is a very appreciated competence in companies. However, to increase your productivity you should focus on one task at a time. If you decide to do several things at the same time you will reach the end of the day without having finished any of them. Set a priority task for each day and devote all your attention to getting it done.

Don’t be too perfectionist

In all the tasks you perform you should always strive to do your best. However, the pursuit for perfection can become an obsession and hamper your productivity. Don’t be too picky to set unreachable goals that will only make you feel frustrated when you realize that you cannot achieve them. Set rigid deadlines to complete a task and don’t constantly look for defects that will delay the delivery of the work.

Be proactive

“Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today”: it’s an old saying that is really right. If you have time to solve a situation today, why are you going to solve it tomorrow? In the world of work, unforeseen events occur and urgent situations appear frequently. So if you have time to do a task today, don’t pass it on to tomorrow. Surely tomorrow something important will come up to do and you will run out of time to sort it all out. Don’t procrastinate in the freest hours: go ahead and see your productivity increase!

Use a management software

We need information to work and it isn’t always easy to access all the data we need. Adopting business monitoring software such as Multipeers helps to reduce the time it takes to find information in a drastic way, which frees you up for other tasks. This software allows you to analyze the business in real time, through an intuitive and simple dashboard, where you will find all the information from the most diverse data sources that you need to perform your tasks. Multipeers also allows the definition of business alerts that warn you whenever a situation requires your intervention, allowing you to act immediately.

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