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7 Tips for Making Better Decisions for Your Business

7 Dicas para tomar melhores decisões para o seu negócio

Find the best tips to make the best decisions

Managing a company is making choices daily and knowing how to deal with the consequences of those choices. In the chaotic world of business, it is not easy to know which way we should go, but there are a number of tricks that help us to make the best decisions. Here are 7 tips to make the right decisions for your business!

Have an analytical thought

Making decisions involves a deep understanding of the context and the implications that the decision will have for the business. All scenarios should be analyzed taking into account the various variables involved in the process. Within this analytical thought, you should put into discussion the mistakes previously made in similar situations. Mistakes of the past are good teachers for the decisions of the present.

Review the data correctly

The data are the most important assets of your business and they have very important information for a conscious decision making. Software such as Multipeers, which allow you to analyze your business in real-time, are essential in today’s business world as changes happen at a rapid pace and managers need to keep abreast of what’s happening so they can make decisions on right time.

Accept that there is not only one right answer

The choice that seems like the ideal today may not be the best tomorrow. In business decision-making there is not just one right answer and decisions have to be made keeping in mind the current context of the business. The manager should put all possible answers on the table and analyze the pros and cons, keeping in mind that there may be more than one right answer to the same situation.

Consider the long term

Most managers favor decisions that seem to bring greater returns in the short run, eventually forgetting about the long run. Making decisions that only aim at the short term means that in the future the business can be compromised. All decisions must be taken after analyzing the impact they will have in the short and long term.

Listen to the opinion of others

Company employees should be involved in the most important decisions. Listening to their opinion is important because it will increase their sense of belonging. In addition, they live the business daily and will certainly have a different view on some aspects of the business, so their opinion is essential for a more effective decision making.

Be rational

It is critical not to be guided by emotions when you are making a decision. It is impossible not to get emotionally involved with your business, but when it comes to making decisions you should put emotion aside and act rationally, otherwise it may compromise the future of the business.

Don’t delay decisions

We tend to postpone difficult decisions even though we will have to act sooner or later. If you already know what decision you are going to make and the consequences this will have for your business, it is not worth putting off any longer. The business needs dynamism and it is through the decisions that it evolves!

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