Data management: how to optimize the results of your company?

Gestão de dados: como otimizar os resultados da sua empresa?

Optimize your business data management

The main purpose of data management is to organize them in the best possible way so that they provide us relevant information for an effective decision making. Companies are passing a delicate period in relation to information management, because they produce more and more data (big data) and often don’t know how to deal with them. In this article, we’ll give you some tips to help you to optimize your business results through data management.

Definition of KPIs

Companies produce thousands of data in a short time and it becomes impossible to analyze all available indicators. KPI’s – key performance indicators – are the indicators of business success and are those indicators that demonstrate to us if the company is going the right way. It is essential that managers define the most relevant indicators in order to always know if the expected results are being achieved. It is humanly impossible to evaluate all the indicators; it is fundamental that the manager focuses on those who show us exactly in which state business is.

Real-time data analysis

Analyzing data in real time is increasingly a necessity for businesses. A large number of managers base their decisions on multi-day reporting and end up having a reactive rather than proactive action. In the competitive world of business, it is very important to know the state of the business at every moment, so that the right decisions are made. Softwares like Multipeers allow you to monitor the business in real time, providing information always updated and in a graphically clean and interactive way.

Data security

More than ever, data security has been so widely spoken in organizations. There are more and more threats in the digital world and it is really necessary for companies to take security measures so they do not run the risk of seeing their confidential information exposed. Due to the new data protection law, to come into force in May 2018, companies have given special attention to the security industry. There are products that can guarantee the security of your data. A good example is Datapeers, which allows, among other things, data masking.

Process Improvement

A process is something that the company does continuously. As it is something that is repeated over time, it is essential to create norms and routines to improve each process. Automating everything that is possible, eliminating what is unnecessary and standardizing what is repetitive are some of the possible ways to improve business processes.

Application of methods to improve management

The Kaizen method seeks continuous improvement. It uses several methodologies such as PDCA, 5S, DMAIC, among others. For these methodologies to be successful in companies, it is necessary to create reports automatically and make the information available to the entire organization. In this way, the management of the company will be better and this will be reflected in the decisions taken!

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