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The most common mistakes in customer management

Os erros mais comuns na gestão de clientes

Customer satisfaction is one of the primary goals of any business. It is often said that a satisfied customer tells their experience to one person, but an unhappy customer shares his discontent for 20 people! Therefore, it is essential for managers to know how to manage their clients, so as to provide them with the best possible service. In this article we will address the most common mistakes in customer management and give tips to avoid them!

Not knowing the customer and their needs

One of the worst mistakes in managing clients is treating all customers the same way. It is unkind when we are attended by an operator who seems robotic and who has a rehearsed speech and does not escape the script. CRM tools help companies to know each customer, their needs and preferences. They also provide information on the most appropriate time to act, either by sending a special campaign or a product sample. You can connect a CRM system to a business monitoring system such as Multipeers. In this way, you will have real-time and always up-to-date information about your customers.

Stalking customers

Some companies don’t know how to respect the customer and send repeated information over and over again. This type of attitude distances the customer from the company and causes it to gain even a certain dislike of the brand. Sending email campaigns should not happen every day or every week. After a request for information there shouldn’t be a constant chase over the phone until the customer decides whether to buy or not. This pressure will only cause the client to decide not to buy anything and will spread their bad experience to their circle of friends and family.

Unique sell

Many commercials are concerned only with the single sale and don’t work towards customer loyalty. Certainly, the first sale is, in theory, the most difficult, since the customer still doesn’t know the company and the products. Focusing on the single sale is a very common mistake that can cause the company to lose sales in the future. Business teams should be concerned about maintaining customer contact in order to guide them toward future purchases and this is achieved through good after-sales service.

Complicating customer service

Unfortunately, there are many companies specializing in this field, especially telecommunications and internet service companies. It is very annoying for a customer to have to repeat their problem to three or four different people. The customer service should always be as pleasant and short as possible because only then can you pass on an image of professionalism. If the customer needs to talk to four people before seeing their problem solved, they will get the feeling that the company is disorganized.

Don’t guide and educate the client

Providing relevant and useful content to the customer about the products or services is a way to educate customers and share important information so that they choose your product. Creating a FAQ section, creating a blog about the area of ​​your activity and having a regular presence on the main social media are good ways to educate the customer about your product.

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