The importance of information: tips for never losing your data

A importância da informação: dicas para nunca perder os seus dados

Business information is one of the most important assets in companies today. Business data consists of information about suppliers, customers, competition, strategies, among other documents that must be kept confidential. If these data are not stored properly, they may be lost or exposed to the outside, compromising safety and confidentiality. This type of situation is very damaging to the image of the company, so it is necessary to follow rules and strategies that allow to keep the data safe and private. Find 5 important tips to never lose your company data!

Make backups frequently

Nowadays all the information (or practically all of it) is digitized so it is vital to reinforce data security. It is necessary to keep backup copies in at least two different locations and it is advisable that one of these locations be in the Cloud because it is very unlikely to lose data that are hosted on the web in this type of services. Establish a backup routine so you don’t run the risk of not recovering the latest documents. Cloud services let you set the backup frequency you want in a timely manner.

Automate everything you can

If you have well-defined processes and well-established rules, it will be easier to optimize the work and leave a part of it delivered to the machines. Repetitive work is boring for the developer and to free him from routine processes is a way to leave him free to perform other functions. In addition, automated processes are faster than manuals. Automate backup and recovery frequencies.

Create a security policy

A survey carried out by the Ponemon Institute states that 73% of information technology users ensure that exposure of company data is due to internal errors, negligence or deliberately by employees. To avoid this, it is fundamental to create a security policy that includes e-mail retention (a good example is Office 365), that is, you can define that all emails that contain the word “login” must pass through a Moderator before being sent. Another important point is to define which documents are public, confidential and secret. It is also important that this policy includes penalties for those who fail to comply. In this way, employees of the company will feel more motivated not to make safety mistakes.

Use encryption in files

Files containing important and confidential information must be encrypted in order to ensure that only authorized persons can access the information. There are free solutions that allow you to put this functionality in the files, but it is advisable to do an exhaustive search on the best and safest ones, in order to choose the right tool.


A virtual private network (VPN) is a type of private connection that uses a public network to access your company data. It contains a connection encryption that prevents data interception and IP tracing. This is the safest way to access corporate data through public networks such as hotels and airports.

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