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Franchises make information easier

Franquias disponibilizam informações facilitadas

The franchise model has been growing year after year, new networks are created and the competition gets more and more fierce.

For a franchisor to establish itself in such a competitive market, more and more automation is needed.

Using information technology to collect and process information in real time ensuring speed and efficiency in decision making, resulting in successful franchises.

Franchises that wish to establish themselves need to know what we will address in this article.

Customer Customization

With competition from an increasingly globalized world, every second is important, processing and analyzing thousands of information in real time, enabling franchises to know customers’ preferences and needs, and how to solve their problems.

Today as much as the product of the franchises is a “commodities” all customers want to be called by name, meaning they want to be served in a personalized way.

Knowing this, setting your buyer persona and tracking the purchase journey is a mission that all businesses are pursuing, and the Franchises are in that scenario. This ensures franchisees time savings, assertiveness with prospects.

In addition to knowing each step of the consumers allows improvements in the processes.

Keep an eye on the market

If on the one hand there is a need for customer customization, on the other a careful look at the market and also the competition is a critical factor for the business.

Monitoring the market minutely allows the identification of problems and quick correction, or else the correctness of these assertive actions.

Some models

Digital marketing franchises are a very interesting example that use information in favor of the entire network.
For example, Liguesite uses automated information collection and processing systems for the benefit of the entire network.

Sources of data and content

Multipeers is a real-time data analysis system with which it is possible to aggregate all the information related to the business in a single system and has shown flexibility for several segments including the Franchise. With this system the information becomes simpler, reducing the time previously spent to collect and process information from various sources.

Advantages of using Multipeers on franchises

Reducing costs by simplifying processes, since real-time information management presents the information in a compressed and ready for analysis, reducing the time with extensive reports analysis, so franchisees and employees of the franchises will be able to perform other activities.

Fulfilled Goals

Franchise goals are a very delicate matter, so, soon after the implementation of Multipeers in the sectors, the average of 70% of the monthly objectives can be achieved. In addition, reorganizing teams is possible with well-adjusted system information.

If you need help choosing the best franchise to invest in, or just want to open your own business with information from the Multipeers system, for more security, freedom and growth, feel free to contact us.

An article: liguesite.com.br/blog

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