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ERP and CRM: everything you need to know about these concepts

ERP e CRM: tudo o que precisa saber sobre estes conceitos

Technology has changed the way we view business and how we work. There are several solutions that help us in our day-to-day business, automating processes and facilitating the consultation of information. ERP and CRM are two concepts present in many companies, but there are many people who still confuse the two themes. In this article, we will show you everything you need to know about ERP and CRM!

ERP: definition

ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning. It emerged in the late 50’s, when people began to combine management with technology. Initially, its purpose was to optimize the time spent on manual tasks, but today this resource is capable of integrating all the information and processes of an organization in one place.

The mission of this tool is to group all departments of the company, providing better communication, through a continuous flow of information. This factor proves to be of great utility because the processes of a company depend on each other and a failure of communication or loss of transmission of the data can mean great losses of productivity and profit.

ERP is the most basic software of a company and guarantees the financial control of the organization. ERP allows you to stop using dozens of isolated software and ensures greater control over everything that goes on in a company.

CRM: definition

CRM is the acronym for Customer Relationship Management and is used by thousands of companies to manage their relationship with current and potential customers. This software aims to protect the business information of a company. At the same time, a CRM helps to identify the best actions and the best time to contact the customer, in order to boost the sale. Likewise, it allows you to evaluate objectives and evaluate the sales team.

In summary, we can say that ERP helps to:

– Reduce IT costs, human resources and productivity losses;
– Reduce delivery times, as it boosts productivity;
– Facilitate the management of stocks and the purchase and sale of goods;
– Improve tax management.

Briefly, we can say that CRM helps to:

–  Reduce paper costs;
– Reduce time in the search for information and documents;
– Facilitate the formation of teams through software;
–  Increase sales because you can devote more time to sales and set aside more administrative tasks.


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