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The Impact of Technology on Human Resource Management

O impacto da tecnologia na gestão dos recursos humanos

Technology has changed the way we work and one of the areas that has evolved most is the management of human resources. Companies have to keep abreast of technological developments since only then they will be able to meet the expectations of the employees, be able to keep the best talent and improve the company’s results. In this article we will talk about the impact of technology on human resource management!

Less bureaucracy

Excessive bureaucracy has always been one of the great enemies of people management. Delayed and complicated processes have always guided companies. These complicated processes made the talent tired, so the rate of retention of talent in companies was very low. Due to the technology, it is possible to automate more and more processes and nowadays the processes have become simpler and faster. Shared documents, automatic fills and management software make people management simpler and less annoying.


Mobile devices allow employees to be closer to the business even if they are geographically far away. Nowadays, many of the company’s employees have smartphones where they can check emails and resolve customer issues. This makes the company more efficient because it responds more quickly to situations.

Strategic action of human resources

The human resources department deals daily with bureaucratic issues and before the integration of technology everything was very complicated. The tasks of these professionals were misaligned with the goals of the company as a whole. Nowadays, due to the technology, the human resources department is a support tool for the accomplishment of the company’s objectives. With the use of the right tools (eg KPI analysis tools), it is possible to identify and form collaborators with leadership skills.

Real-time people management

Software that allows you to analyze the business in real time is very important for the management of human resources. With a true and up-to-date knowledge of team availability, it is easier to solve any problems, reorganize work teams and ensure company productivity.


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