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Find the benefits of doing the integrated management of your company

Conheça os ganhos de fazer a gestão integrada da sua empresa

Managing a business is not easy. There are many influencing variables and without good control over all of them it is difficult to find good solutions. And having control of everything that goes on inside your company has already been extremely impractical. Nowadays, there are good solutions that allow this type of analysis and thus guarantee that you can make the best decisions according to your needs for your day-to-day life. The best solution is to make an integrated management of your company, interconnecting the most varied information routinely and ensuring agility when making decisions and follow up. Although it may seem complex, an ERP may be all you ever needed.

What is an ERP (Integrated Management System)?

An online ERP system is nothing more than a software that is responsible for organizing many different activities of a company, facilitating access and monitoring by every manager anywhere and in real time. And this type of software is not only limited to the process of receiving the data, but also presents analyzes and reports of great importance for a manager of any type of company. It is, without doubt, an essential tool for organizational control and analysis. It is possible to carry out customer registration, financial control, stock control, electronic invoices issuing among other functionalities.

The benefits of doing the integrated management of your company

There are several reasons for you to seriously consider using an integrated management system to increase the efficiency of your business. More than a simple system, this tool is a great revolution in information management. And all this begins in the sense of centralizing everything in one place. The most common is to find companies that present different programs for each activity. That is, software for logistical control, another program for accounts payable, a third for control of human resources area and so on.The problem with this type of operation is precisely the difficulty in obtaining  analyzes and reports since everything that is registered is spread in different programs. With this unification is obligatorily done by a person – which not only makes the process slower, but also increases the possibility of errors. An ERP eliminates this problem.

The company in your hands

This centralization of information is especially important for the manager who identifies problems in the organizational routine. It is common to find cases where errors occur due to errors in the information control model (often performed in manual spreadsheets). This is the case, for example, of payments. How many companies do not lose money simply because of a lack of organization or because they don’t realize that they will not have enough resources to pay them off? With an ERP everything becomes easier since control of everything will be in the palm of your hand.
For the manager the best is the real-time monitoring of everything that is released in the system (and in this case you can connect your ERP with Multipeers). So when you know that something needs to be paid in a day and you don’t find the launch, you can already charge the industry responsible and mitigating any mistakes that may happen. And it is not only internally that an integrated management system guarantees good results, but also on sales. This is because the control is also done in real time, including customer registration – allowing monitoring not only of results, but also of loyalty and satisfaction. The system also allows all sales processes to be done in a simplified way – from the initial budget, through the relationship and in charge of issuing the invoice.

Enjoy the gains of making your company’s integrated management

Anyway, there are numerous reasons to use an ERP in your company. Control, processes, information management … All this comes in a way that facilitates the life of managers independent of their field of activity. It’s not just software: it’s a complete evolution of your company.
If you want to know more about how a business management software works and how it can increase the results and productivity of your company, talk to us!


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