Definição de métricas de negócio

Learn about key metrics to measure your performance on social media

Conheça as principais métricas para avaliar o seu desempenho nas redes sociais

It is no longer a novelty that social media play an increasingly important role in the business world. The current consumer “lives online” and it is very important that your brand/company be present in social networks where your target presence. To ensure the success of your presence on social media, it is not enough to create content and publish it frequently: you must continually evaluate the success of your actions. In this article we’ll introduce you to the key metrics to evaluate your performance on social networks!

Number of followers/likes

This is the most basic metric for any social media, is very important because it shows us the growth of a page over time and the audience we have available. However, this is a metric that alone does not have great relevance, because if there is no interaction with the followers, in concrete terms nothing is gained. A large number of followers is still important to create a credible image for anyone who visits the profile for the first time. A company that has thousands of Facebook followers will surely make a better impression than one that has few followers.

Publications Reach

The reach of the publications is nothing more than the number of people that see your posts. On Facebook, for example, this range is getting smaller, due to the new algorithm. At this point it is important to distinguish between organic reach and paid reach. Organic reach is the reach you get for free, only through publication and eventual interaction with it on the part of followers. Already the reach paid is the reach achieved through sponsored publications and after defining the intended target reaches a large number of users.


Having a high audience is not very significant if you look at the metric in isolation. More important than the number of followers is the interaction these followers have with your brand/company. Measuring engagement (number of reactions to publication, comments, sharing) is crucial to being able to keep track of the effectiveness of your content. In all social media this engagement is very important.


Conversion is one of the most important aspects of all the actions we take on social meia. No company creates content for Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin just by creating: the goal is always to achieve a conversion, be it the download of an e-book, a visit to the website and even the sale. Evaluating the number of conversions per week on social media allows us to perceive the performance and effectiveness of our publications as well as to define a new strategy if necessary.

Multipeers is a business monitoring system that allows you to analyze your business at any time, including its performance on social meia. Keeping track of what happens to your brand every second is essential so you can make assertive and timely decisions.

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