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7 Management tools that all business owners should use

In busy day-to-day business, it is not always easy to manage all projects and tasks. Fortunately, there are applications and management tools that simplify life if they are well used. In this article we present you 7 applications and management tools that all entrepreneurs should use!


Dropbox is a service for storing and sharing files. Its concept is based on Cloud Computing and through this service (free to a space limit), you can create a virtual folder on your computer that will be stored in the cloud and share it easily with anyone you want. You can modify and work on the folder as if it were a normal folder and all the files are protected even if something happens with the computer.

PDCA Cycle

The PDCA cycle is a fundamental management tool for your company because it follows 4 indispensable steps for its good operation and efficiency. The acronym PDCA means to plan, do, check, act). Applying this technique to all tasks and departments of a company ensures the optimization of resources and the constant improvement of individual and collective performance.

Analysis of KPIs

A KPI – key performance indicator – is a value that demonstrates if the company is achieving its main objectives. The company can and should have well-defined KPIs. In the same way, each department and employee must know their KPIs so that they can work towards their goals and help the company to grow. “If we don’t know where we are going any way is good”: in this way, it is indispensable that each employee knows his role in the company so that he can guide his daily work in order to reach all his objectives.


MindMeister is an online mind map that lets you add ideas to a layout so that all your thoughts related to a particular project are organized on the screen so you can make decisions more easily. It is a practical and quick way to organize information.


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the management software that manages the entire enterprise and is the most basic tool a business should have. ERP controls all of your company processes and is a very important tool to manage and decide with confidence.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics lets you review the status of your website. In today’s world, where we all live online, the website performance level is an essential indicator for measuring business success. This tool is free and easy to use and allows you to know the number of visits, origin of visits, most viewed pages, among many other indicators that will allow you to improve your website.

Real-time data analysis

The business world is increasingly accelerated and it is essential that a manager knows, at every moment, what is going on in his company. Analyzing reports with a few days means having a reactive action to the events, which can cause damages to the company. Thus, real-time data analysis is increasingly essential in the business world. Multipeers is a BAM system that allows you to analyze the business to the minute, through a platform where all the information of the company, from the diverse sources of data is found. This allows faster and highly effective decision making.


Learn about the advantages of the BAM system and find how these tools can help your business!

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