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Real-time information for the success of events

A informação em tempo real para o sucesso dos eventos

When organizing an event, it is crucial that all participants have a good experience before, during and after. Organizing an event involves many tasks that can cause errors, such as manual entry to the event, payments, collection of participation kits, among other things. Using a system to analyze and manage the entire event in real time ensures complete control of the information and allows the organizers to act in a timely and assertive manner. In this article we will talk about the main advantages of real-time information in the area of ​​event organization!

Improves capacity management

If you don’t use a real-time information system you will have a great difficulty to know if the event is close to its limit. With a business monitoring system, it is easier to control access to the event and to monitor the evolution of the capacity of the enclosure anytime and anywhere. This information also allows to launch marketing actions, in case of the event has still few subscriptions. You can launch a marketing campaign to boost your ticket sales and increase your subscriptions.

Setting the audience profile for the event

With a real-time information system, you can easily follow all the registrations and no longer need to look for lost subscriptions in emails or in different forms. In this way you will be able to trace, at any time, the public profile of your event and monitor its evolution. This is very important to define the actions to take during the event, as these should vary according to the profile that we have available.

Better validation of registrations

It is very important that the participants of an event have a good experience from the first moment and, like everything else, the first impression is very important. The first contact of a participant of an event with the event is done through the application form, so it is essential that it has a professional look. After registering, it is very important to send a confirmation email. This process must be automated to avoid errors and also not to overload the collaborators. With the use of a real-time analysis tool, it is easy to understand the times when there are more registrations and through this data launch marketing actions that further enhance the number of subscribers.

Increases control of accreditation and delivery of kits

With a real-time information system, you will be able to know, every minute, how many subscribers have already done the credentialing and how many kits have already been delivered. This will ensure that duplicate kits are not delivered and that previously unregistered people enter the event.


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