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5 Movies with management and leadership lessons

5 filmes com lições de gestão e liderança

The best films with leadership lessons

Even lazy times are good to learn and even when we are watching a movie, we can draw important lessons that will be useful in our day to day work. There are several movies that convey leadership and management lessons and in this article we present you the 5 movies that all business managers should see!

The Social Network

Who doesn’t know Facebook? This movie shows us the process of creating the largest social media in the World. The Social Network is a real story that tells us the friction between Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin, the two founders of Facebook. In the film, the two friends are in conflict until Mark decreases Eduardo’s shareholding and Eduardo processes it, giving rise to a battle in law court.

Lesson to be retained: To manage a company efficiently it is essential to relate well to your colleagues and collaborators. You cannot let personal friction interfere with the work relationship, and you must always remember that focus must be on business goals and not individual goals.

The devil Wears Prada

In this film, Runway Magazine is directed by the hand of Miranda Priestley – the most powerful woman in the fashion world. “Runway” is a daunting challenge for anyone who wants to get into this industry. To make “Runway” the New York Bible and even the World, Miranda saves nothing or anyone and it is difficult for someone to survive in this job! Thus, the task as assistant to Miranda could open the doors to the newly formed Andy Sachs. Although Andy is the wrong person for the job, because she knows nothing about brands or the fashion world, but she will demonstrate something that others do not have: she has determination and refusal to fail!

Lesson to be retained: Your employees are counting on you and waiting for you to give them the knowledge they need to carry out their duties. In crisis situations, seek to guide your team by showing them the importance of the work they do for the success of the company.

The internship

This movie tells the story of two salespeople who start working as trainees on Google. To secure the place, they need to enter a competition with other candidates. In the beginning, they encounter difficulties due to the great difference of ages and knowledge between them and the new generation. However, in the end they can learn from the younger and younger learn from them.

Lesson to be retained: value your team’s knowledge. Despite the management position you occupy, you must take into account that everyone has something to teach and that you can learn a lot from your employees. Encourage the sharing of ideas and knowledge among employees, as they will feel more motivated to evolve and work better.


This is a film based on the true story of Billy Beane, adapted from the book by Michael Lewis. The author reports how Beane managed to take the modest Oakland Athletics team to an elite team of American baseball.

Lesson to be retained: correct the mistakes of your employees and maximize the potential of each one of them to get the most out of your team. Ask the right questions and motivate your employees to do their best on every task they perform.

The Imitation Game

This is a movie based on real facts that tells us the story of Alan Turing, a mathematician with an above average intelligence, who is quite antisocial. The film takes place during World War II. At the time, the British government hired a team that aimed to decode a famous code used by the Germans to convey their messages of war.

Lesson to be retained: working as a team is essential and not giving up in the face of adversity is the most important message that you should convey to your employees. The movie also shows us the importance of using data processing systems.

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