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Get to know 4 tools that facilitate business mobility

Conheça 4 ferramentas que facilitam a mobilidade empresarial

Use the best applications to facilitate business mobility

Technological evolution has made business mobility an increasingly present reality in the business world. The possibility of responding to urgent situations at a distance, brought greater agility and efficiency to the companies and allowed to reduce operating costs. There are applications that facilitate business mobility and in this article we present you the 4 most important!

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is a solution in the Cloud that offers features for creating Excel documents, texts and presentations. All these documents are essential to perform the administrative and communication tasks of any business. With Office 365 you can create and edit documents anywhere, giving business mobility. The access to this tool is by user account and there is no need to install the program on all devices that the company uses.


Videoconferencing tools were the first tools to enable enterprise mobility. Nowadays, they are advancing on a large scale for mobile platforms, which significantly increases the scope of mobility. Programs that were only initially designed to be used on fixed devices have won a mobile version. Nowadays, we can already use Skype and Hangouts on mobile devices, which allows us to have meetings anytime, anywhere in the world.

Corporate Email in the Cloud

Changing the corporate email system to a cloud-based solution is very important to increase business mobility. These solutions facilitate communication between the various departments of the company, because the information becomes accessible even when you are using tablets and smartphones. Using email on mobile devices allows for a faster and more efficient response, which contributes to greater management efficiency.


Analyzing data in real time is an increasingly necessary reality in the business world. Managers often complain that they don’t have current and reliable information about which they can make conscious decisions. Multipeers is a business monitoring system that allows you to analyze everything that happens in the company in real time. Multipeers will search data from all of the company’s sources of information and present it in a graphically clean and intuitive way, making it easy to make decisions. It also has the advantage of allowing you to set business alerts: whenever a situation that requires your attention happens, Multipeers will send you an email or an SMS to notify you.

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