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The Best Tips to Announce Your Business

As melhores dicas para divulgar o seu negócio

Find the best options to communicate your business

It is no longer a secret that in order to succeed with your business it is necessary to invest in communication and in ways of dissemination. In a time when digital channels multiply and traditional forms of communication seem to be slowly disappearing, it becomes difficult to decide which forms of advertising we should bet on. In this article we will introduce you to the best tips to advertise your business!

Create a strong online presence

Nowadays if a business doesn’t exist online it doesn’t exist! Having a good website is key to being able to attract your target audience. People are not currently looking for information in phone books: they search in Google. If you don’t appear when people are searching for your business, it is most likely to lose a customer to the competition. It is also very important to be present in the social media that your target prefers. Do market research and realize in which digital platforms your target consumer spends the most time. Then create relevant and interesting content and create interaction with your followers. Another advantage of using social media is the ability to create paid campaigns, where you can segment the audience that you want to target. Digital campaigns can be measured in real time, which is an advantage for marketers as they can quickly adapt an unsuccessful strategy and avoid unnecessary spending of money.

E-mail marketing

The e-mail is still viewed with some mistrust by modern communications professionals. However, when email marketing is used correctly you can retain many customers and lead potential customers to buy. E-mail marketing campaigns should not focus on selling the product, but rather on the relationship with the customer, so that he feels important to the brand. Sending articles related to your business area and exclusive discount coupons are good ideas for email marketing campaigns.

Presence in fairs and events

Who is seen is remembered and despite the success of the communication in the digital media it is essential not to forget that marking presence in events “offline” is also very important. Choose the most important fairs and events in your industry to be present. Distributing flyers and giveaways by potential customers is still a strategy that works out very well. These events usually have very high participation values, so you should analyze all the possibilities very well and choose the ones that can bring you a higher return.

Produce videos

If your product is visual or if you have a service that requires an explanation to be used by your customers, a video is a very good option. Communication through videos has gained a great attention in recent months. Putting short videos on Instagram is essential to building a closer relationship with your customers. For more complex and longer videos, YouTube is the best option.

Analyze and measure results

This is the last tip and it is the most important of them. There’s no point in launching campaigns and creating content if you don’t then analyze the results of your actions. It is only through frequent analysis that you can understand whether your efforts are having the desired return. If they are, you can continue with the same strategy. If you are not achieving the expected results you should think about a new strategy. Only in this way can your business evolve.

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