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5 reasons for your company to invest in integrated management systems

5 motivos para a sua empresa investir em sistemas integrados de gestão

Integrated management systems are being increasingly used in organizations, as they allow a global management of the company through the integration of different departments and sources of information. These systems consist of a set of interconnected parts to produce results, transforming a strategy into operations. These systems seek the continuous improvement of all the organization’s processes, in order to maximize performance. In this article, we present you 5 reasons for your company to invest in integrated management systems!

Integration of all information

Are you aware of how many systems, Excel files and software you currently use to control your business? Most companies don’t use an integrated management system and they have independent ways of dealing with information. This way of working impairs management and decision-making, as there is no overall knowledge of the state of the company and if the manager wants to know everything in detail, he will have to consult a large number of sources of information, which consumes a lot of time. The use of this type of systems will integrate all areas of the company and reduce administrative errors. It will also provide managers and decision makers with a 360-degree view.

Reducing costs and increasing profit

This is the advantage that most pleases all managers! Operating efficiency increases after the implementation of an integrated management system, so the company will have more opportunities to focus on customer relationships and to develop innovations to stand out from the competition. The productivity of employees increases and the quality of services provided as well, so the profit will be greater in the short term. There is also a lower probability of error, so the long-term costs will be lower.

Better management of human resources

Possibly, many of your company‘s employees perform daily tasks that can be automated. Many employees perform day-to-day administrative tasks that don’t add value to the company. In doing this, it is common for employees to feel unmotivated. Integrated management systems allow people to perform more strategic and relevant tasks, which enhances their work and improves their performance!

Greater financial follow-up

You can no longer manually track your company’s finances, and you will certainly have plenty of Excel files and digital documents that make this task easier. However, in an integrated system, you can keep track of your costs and earnings, and you don’t have to manually enter financial data because the system has access to all of your company’s data sources, eliminating the need for human intervention.

Improvement of all processes

A company that uses an integrated management system can standardize processes, eliminate manual processes and shorten the execution time of tasks. In the end, the advantage will be global and the company will achieve better results!

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