5 Marketing Trends for 2018

5 Tendências de marketing para 2018

The marketing world is moving at a very fast pace, and every year there are new trends and new ways of reaching the target audience. Today, companies combine traditional forms of marketing with digital marketing, which enables them to reach potential consumers across diverse platforms. In today’s article, we’ll cover the top 5 marketing trends for 2018!

Virtual reality

One of the main trends of the coming year will be the inclusion of virtual reality in companies, especially in the area of ​​marketing. One of the main applications of virtual reality in the world of marketing is to help the consumer in their decision to buy, because this technology allows to better visualize a product or service. It is possible to simulate the decoration of a house or even check how a particular room is before it is even built. Also in the online stores this technology applies very well, because it is possible to verify how a piece of clothing fits without having to go to the store to try it.

Real-time Marketing

Consumers are becoming more demanding and even in the mode of relationship with brands this tendency is verified. The current consumer is more impatient and this makes you prefer real-time contact with a brand than communicating by more traditional ways. People today prefer to watch a live stream (for example via Facebook or Instagram) than read a blog. This makes the brands have a window of opportunity in this area and can present their services, products and special moments of the company in real time.

Influencer Marketing

Companies in 2018 should continue to invest in digital influencers. There are more and more ad blockers and an alternative is to invest in digital influencers that are present in the day-to-day of the target audience. According to an article published in the Administrators Portal, it is proven that 90% of consumers rely on recommendations from colleagues. Only 33% value paid ads. Thus, companies must think of important people in their area of ​​action, in order to reach the target through a real influence.

Original content

Content marketing will continue to be of great importance in 2018. Companies should invest in 100% proprietary content for social networks and for websites and blogs. Netflix and Apple are two brands that work very well in this industry because they can always create original content that turns out to be viral. Today’s consumers are looking for different things, so companies should invest in this area.


Chatbots will grow a lot in 2018. Consumers are looking for real-time communication and want an instant response, so if companies don’t want to lose opportunities, they will have to invest in this new technology to efficiently respond to all requests.

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