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Find the 7 Deadly Sins of the Digital Age

Conheça os 7 pecados capitais da era digital

Digital transformation is one of the themes of the moment and it is impossible for a company to go alongside this revolution. Companies are continually looking for digital solutions that facilitate their business processes and that are capable of responding to all their needs. However, it is not always easy to adapt a company’s work to a digital reality and there are many errors that complicate business performance. In today’s article, let’s talk about the 7 deadly sins of the digital age and give tips to avoid in your business!

Don’t plan the implementation of technologies

Before starting to implement a digital strategy it is essential to assess the needs of the company and the main objectives that the company intends to achieve with the change. Digital transformation is not the cure for all business problems, but if implemented correctly it will help improve performance and increase success. Often companies make the mistake of adopting all the technologies they find without effectively planning the digital path they want to go through.

Complicate all processes

Most companies complicate the way they work. The digital transformation brings with it the agile methodology, which intends to increase the quality of service to the Customer. The chosen software should be intuitive and fairly easy to update, so that users can use it without having to resort to specialized technicians. When choosing software, effectiveness and simplicity should be the most important factors to consider.

Don’t involve all employees

Often, employees resist change and this is because they feel they are not involved in the whole process of digital transformation. It is important to show the whole team the advantages of change, especially advantages directly related to the work of each one. Communication is essential if digital transformation is well implemented.

Don’t integrate digital transformation into global strategy

This transformation should be part of the company‘s overall strategy, because only then it will succeed. It is essential to know where the company intends to go, design a transformation process and integrate that plan into the company’s overall strategy. Teams should work together towards modernizing processes

Don’t rely on the CEO’s support

It is important to have the support of the leadership and their commitment to the implementation of the digital strategy. Leadership must be committed to increasing the knowledge of its employees and actively participating in the dissemination of the new culture. It is only through good examples that employees will feel committed and willing to adopt a new philosophy of work.

Don’t equip the team with new skills

Digital transformation has brought the need to train employees to new skills. It is very important that teams are formed for this new way of working because otherwise they will feel frustrated that they are not able to embrace the new challenges of the industry.

Don’t elect a responsible person for the transformation

The responsible person for digital transformation must work towards implementing this new philosophy of work in a continuous and consistent manner. Although this process is common to the entire organization, it is important that there is a person responsible for digital transformation that coordinates all activities and involves all people.

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