Crisis Management: Preventive Measures to Save Your Business

Gestão de crise: medidas preventivas para salvar o seu negócio

All companies fear going through periods of crisis. However, they do not always worry about having crisis management plans, because their thinking is “only happens to others.” In fact, all businesses are predisposed to to going through more troubled financial times and it is essential that they have a crisis management plan to eliminate the problem as quickly as possible or to minimize its effects. In today’s article, we introduce preventative actions to save your business!

Analyze data and identify problems

The first step is to recognize that there is a problem that needs to be spoken. It is essential to assess its severity since only this we can determine the urgency of corrective actions. Managers need to constantly analyze available data in order to detect management failures, need to change strategy, diversion of production, and other problems that can lead to a crisis. Identifying mistakes made in the past allows us to avoid the same mistakes in the future.

Have a crisis manual

When a company goes through a period of crisis, it needs to make quick decisions. It is very important that you have a written communication plan that is nothing more than the crisis manual. This document informs about the vulnerabilities of the company, explains how to act and who is the responsible person to communicate in this period. The crisis manual should include releases so that communication in times of trouble is faster.

Do not ignore the situation

If you detect any sign that something is wrong, you must act immediately. Ignoring the situation will only complicate it, which will have more serious consequences in the future. It is necessary to make an early diagnosis and investigate the origin of the problem, because the faster the measures are implemented, the more likely the company has to exit the crisis without great consequences.

Eliminate Unnecessary Spending

It is fundamental that companies are always attentive to all expenses, but at the moment of crisis this attention must be redoubled. Identify the highest and most unnecessary expenditures, the least productive employees, general expenses, travel expenses, among others. Eliminating these expenses in a healthy time of the company will allow crisis situations to be delayed or even eliminated. However, you should also be careful not to eliminate spending that are necessary for the proper functioning of the company, as this can pose an even bigger problem.

Get real-time information

Bad decisions can destroy a business, so it is vital that managers have reliable and up-to-date information. Real-time business monitoring software like Multipeers is increasingly a necessity in business. Only with updated information managers are able to make assertive and effective decisions for the proper functioning of the company. Lack of information is often the biggest responsible for less good times in companies, so it is essential to choose a good business monitoring system.


Analyzing data in real time is increasingly a reality in companies around the world. Business happens at a very fast pace and it is essential that you know what is happening in your company to make the most appropriate decisions for your business. Download our e-book and learn how a BAM tool can help you manage!

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