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5 Essential Tips for Winning Customers in 2018

5 Dicas essenciais para conquistar clientes em 2018

Conquering customers is a must-have goal every year and in every business. At a time when there is so much information coming from the most diverse channels, it becomes difficult to capture the attention of the target audience, so it is imperative to use the best techniques to attract new customers. We know that each business has its own specifics, but there are tricks that cross all areas and in today’s article we present the 5 essential tips to win customers in 2018.

Get to know your audience

It is essential that you get to know your target audience more than ever. The current consumer is very demanding, so it becomes increasingly difficult to please him. So, you should collect as much information as possible about it: preferences, social media he uses, media you prefer, among other things that are relevant to your business. The market studies are very important here, because it is a great way to better know the desires and characteristics of the audience you want to achieve and in this way you will be able to win customers.

Listen more and talk less

Customers like to talk and feel that they are attentive to their needs and desires. Many sellers fall into the error of talking too much because they want to show in a short time all the benefits of the product or service they have to offer. However, today’s consumers are looking for quick fixes and will be bored if they hear a standardized speech. Therefore, it is very important that you first listen to everything the client has to tell you and then present the possible solutions in a practical and very objective way.

Avoid clichés

There are phrases that immediately refer us to the insistent and boring sellers who just want to sell and who do not care about what we really need. Even if you consider that your product is the best in the world, you should avoid trying to sell it through this argument as it will sound false and overkill. Also avoid talking badly about the competition and never, but never, ever lie to the customer. Nowadays, the consumer is very informed and the information spreads at an amazing speed, so the probability of your lie being discovered is very great and in this case, besides not winning customers, you risk losing the current ones!

Follow the results

It is not enough to launch marketing actions and campaigns and not monitor their results. It is very important that you define indicators and analyze all the results of your actions. Only in this way you will be able to promote continuous improvement, which will certainly also have an effect on the number of clients raised. The current market is very dynamic and must ensure that your product or service does not stay static.

Use a content strategy

Digital marketing is increasingly present in corporate strategies and many brands use a content strategy in which they write articles and case studies about their area of ​​expertise. This will make potential customers look to the company as a reference entity and this will increase the confidence and likelihood of opting for your products and services.

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