The importance of technology in financial management

A importância da tecnologia na gestão financeira

Financial management is one of the most important areas in a company. It is essential that managers have a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of the expenses that happen in their business, so as to know how much they can invest in the future. The information flow that exists in companies today is huge, so it is imperative that companies adopt technological solutions appropriate to the specifics of their business, so that they can take full advantage of the help that technology provides us. In today’s article, we will address the importance of technology in financial management!

Centralization of information

The sharing of information on the Internet, namely in the Cloud, allows all employees to have access to the same document, facilitating their consultation and editing. However, ERPs are very complete resources that interconnect all sectors of the company, computerizing the data and automating the processes. To complete the ERP solution, technology provides us with another solution: the BAM system. Softwares like Multipeers allow information coming from all the company’s data sources to be consulted on a single dashboard and in real time, which will facilitate decision making!

More efficient decision making

With a system that generates reports simply and quickly, it becomes much easier to make strategic decisions. Often, bad decisions happen because managers don’t have a real knowledge of what actually goes on in the company. With the use of technology, the information becomes more accessible and the decisions taken will be more assertive.

Mobility: an ally of good management

Managers spend some time outside the company at events and meetings. If this was a problem before, due to the technology, everything was solved. For example, Multipeers lets you, in addition to being able to query information on mobile devices, set business alerts for certain actions. For example, if you have a chain of stores and you want to be alerted whenever the middle of the day has not made X sales value, Multipeers will alert you by SMS or email so you can, regardless of where you are, act immediately.

More effective data communication

Technology has improved communication, as there are more and more systems to transmit information, from e-mails, various softwares, cloud solutions, among others. Internal communication benefits greatly from the correct use of technology, but there have also been significant improvements in communication with banking institutions, since it is now possible to make transfers and consult balances and movements anywhere, from a mobile device.

Increased productivity

With more efficient software, process automation happens more easily, which means that every employee can devote himself to tasks that really need the utmost attention. The end result, in the medium and long term, will be an increase in overall productivity, which will be reflected in the company’s profits.

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