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Big Data and Human Resource Management: Find the Relationship

Big Data e gestão de recursos humanos: entenda a relação

Companies are constantly looking to make the most of their data so they can make the best decisions for the business. Big Data is an increasingly popular term as companies look for solutions that enable them to manage information and gain the best insights. The area of ​​human resources has paid close attention to this giant wave of information that is created daily in companies. A study by Workday reports that over the next 5 years the use of analytical technologies over large volumes of data will have a major impact on human resource management. In today’s article, we address the relationship between Big Data and human resource management!

Understanding people’s attitudes

People Analytics is a term that will be very fashionable in the coming years. People Analytics is the process of collecting, organizing and analyzing employee behavior data in order to contribute to decisions made in the company, anticipating trends and adjusting strategies. “When we use data to understand the behaviors within the work environment that make people efficient, happy, creative, experts, leaders, followers, we are using People Analytics,” said Ben Waber, CEO of Humanyze. It is very important to use this form of analysis to obtain information about productivity declines, reduced employee engagement, and difficulty retaining the best talent. With the use of analysis tools in human resource management it becomes simpler to analyze behaviors, understand why people act in a certain way, and take corrective action before it is too late.

Delete high team turnover

Many companies face the challenge of seeing their teams change multiple times in a short period of time. Without realizing why, they are not able to retain the best talent, which means that there is little stability. By analyzing the data, it is possible to get to know each employees better and help them to feel good in the workplace, thus avoiding his exit. It is important to know the motivations, long-term desires and opinions of the employees, since only in this way the management positions will be able to create a pleasant environment where each employee feels good.

Smarter recruitment processes

Big Data in human resource management is a key factor in finding the right people for the right jobs. For example, through Big Data you can find out if people who have an interesting work experience are more likely to stay in the company for long periods of time or if the duration of previous experiences impacts on the performance of the current job. Based on these results, the company can focus on the most relevant factors at the time of recruitment.

Performance evaluation

Big Data helps ensure that employee performance is measured more accurately by determining what times of the day the company has the best productivity rates. You can also identify which collaborators perform best.


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