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The importance of technological convergence for companies

A importância da convergência tecnológica para as empresas

In an increasingly digital world, technological advances have a direct impact on the way companies do business, and companies need to act to keep up with the latest information technology. Technological convergence is increasingly important to unify processes, tools, methods and diverse sectors. In today’s article, we talk about the importance of technological convergence for companies!

What is technological convergence?

Technological convergence is an increasing trend in the economic environment. This concept represents the union of the different services that share the same structure among themselves. The goal is to meet customer needs and anticipate trends. A good example that everyone uses is the smartphone. In one device you can use camera, electronic calendar, alarm clock, television, GPS, internet, among many other things. In the business world, this convergence translates into technological tools that give the possibility to gather on a platform with all the communication services, such as telephones, emails, support, production processes and logistics, among others. This means that companies can use a tool to simplify the use of IT solutions, offer employees more flexibility and reduce the cost of operations and automate tasks. Both internal and external teams can work from anywhere because of the mobility that cloud systems provide. Technology convergence proves to be an important ally to achieve business objectives.

Main innovations that integrate technological convergence

  • Big Data: in this field, business monitoring software such as Multipeers play a very important role, since in a single dashboard manager can access all company information from the most diverse data sources.

  • Artificial Intelligence: artificial intelligence helps companies prevent fraud, analyze customer behavior, and is very important to analyze and monitor the requirements of the target audience.

  • Business Intelligence: Business intelligence is a very powerful tool and is increasingly used by all business segments as it provides integration and reading of various data sources. Business intelligence also helps identify trends and market variations, which is essential to maintaining competitiveness.

  • Internet of Things: this concept interconnects equipment, business and people, allowing the crossing of the data in a matter of seconds. All sectors can take advantage and technological convergence to the business from the internet of things.

  • Image recognition: Identifying citizens through facial recognition is not new, but this recognition is nowadays held in many physical stores. Thus, it is possible to check what articles the person liked the most, to know if they tried clothes, to know their behavior in the store, among other things.

  • Voice services: a number of Google services, for example, can be activated through voice commands, doing surveys, and helping the consumer decide. It is a growing technology and professionals in this area work daily to improve its operation.

Advantages of technological convergence for companies

The main advantages of using this trend for companies are: greater capacity for innovation, greater control over all company processes, increased productivity, increased security and better treatment and storage of data.

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