How Process Automation Improves Productivity

Como a automatização dos processos melhora a produtividade

Many managers feel that software is faster than people and doesn’t make mistakes. This is a very simplistic view of the machines vs people dichotomy and doesn’t take into account all the potentialities of process automation for productivity. In today’s article, let’s talk about the relationship between automation and increased productivity!

Reduced time in task execution

The tasks performed manually take much longer than those that can be performed by software, and this is one of the main advantages of automating processes for companies. An automated system will allow a given task to be scheduled once and from that time it will be repeated accurately and effectively, consuming less time and eliminating the likelihood of error.

Integrated information

An automated management system allows all company information to be concentrated in one place and this makes data access easier for all employees. This speed in access to information allows faster and more conscious decisions to be made, avoiding delays in performing tasks. The integrated information allows you to create reports in real time, allowing the immediate detection of any problems that compromise the workflow.

Reduced costs

When processes are automated, employees become more productive and this is very good for the company’s finances. The automation of the processes contributes to the reduction of losses and optimizes the production. A good example is that automated systems are thought to save energy when they are not producing.

Integrated systems

Systems can be integrated through automation and become more effective. For example, through an API it is possible to integrate the payment software with some financial management application, being much easier to analyze the state of the company.

Greater agility

The automation of processes creates an environment favorable to improving processes and introducing improvements. The company that has its automated processes has a greater margin to innovate, since the employees are free of the most bureaucratic and annoying processes, being able to dedicate themselves to other tasks.

More effective communication

It is very complex for a person to organize between emails, notes and small reminders. With an automated workflow, the communication in the company becomes simpler, due to the existence of a control panel in the software. If all employees consult the same tool, communication between departments becomes easier, as everyone knows the work colleagues are developing.

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