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Find how technology eliminates bureaucracy

Saiba como a tecnologia elimina a burocracia

We live in an age where everything is urgent and reducing (or even eliminating) bureaucracy is one of the big business goals. Restructuring processes and saving time are the big business goals when it comes to eliminating bureaucracy. The technology brings numerous benefits in this area and it is more than known that the excess of formalism delays the development of any company. In today’s article, let’s talk about how technology eliminates corporate bureaucracy!

Scan all

Excessive paperwork is a big business enemy because you spend a lot of time looking for information in folders and files. If everything is scanned and organized on a disk, it’s much easier to find the information we need. In addition, we save time that we can take advantage of to perform other important tasks.

Privilege the use of the Cloud

Storing your data in the cloud has many advantages, namely being able to access files at any moment from anywhere. Using this technology reduces the need to invest in equipment and enables the practice of home office.

Optimize meetings

Meetings are often more time-consuming than necessary, which is a waste of time. There is already software that allows you to plan your meetings, so that they don’t last longer than is strictly necessary. Likewise, it is possible to hold meetings through Skype and other similar programs, which eliminates the need for everyone to be physically present.

Use enterprise applications

Use WhatsApp to talk to all employees and to improve cross-departmental communication, start using Uber to make it easier to call a car and pay for it, use task management tools so everyone knows what each department is doing do. In this way, communication improves and the number of steps to complete a process drastically decreases, reducing bureaucracy.

Use real-time management software

Business monitoring software such as Multipeers allows you to analyze your business in real time, through a dashboard that compiles all information from the most diverse sources of information. In this way, it becomes much easier to know what is going on in the company and to make decisions consciously.

Use Office 365

Office 365 is a solution in the Cloud that offers features for creating Excel documents, texts and presentations. All these documents are essential to perform the administrative tasks and communication of any business. With Office 365 you can create and edit documents anywhere, giving business mobility to the business. Access to this tool is by user account and there is no need to install the program on all devices that the company uses.

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