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BI and BAM: understand the difference between these two concepts

BI e BAM: entenda a diferença entre estes dois conceitos

BI and BAM are terms that are very present in most companies. They are not necessarily independent terms, but neither the two tools are required to operate simultaneously in the same company: each is independent. There are still many doubts about the difference between these two terms and in today’s article we will talk about the main differences between BI and BAM.

What is a BAM system?

BAM stands for Business Activity Monitoring and is a tool that defines the process and technologies to be able to put information about the company’s KPIs in real time on a dashboard. What BAM does is only show in one place all the information coming from the most varied sources of data of the company, eliminating the need to consult several databases to know what is happening in the company at that time.

What is Business Intelligence?

BI is a technique that helps managers plan the company’s strategy by collecting and analyzing a large volume of data to understand the company’s performance and from there to decide more consciously about the future.

Relationship and differences between BI and BAM

Business monitoring tools facilitate the process of extracting information and making conscious and thoughtful operational decisions. Both tools use information to improve performance. The data analysis that the BAM tools provide is very efficient because it presents the information in a simple and concise way, allowing the manager to quickly be informed about the actual and current state of the business.

Unlike Business Intelligence, BAM systems don’t talk about past or future: they focus only on the present. The BAM system will integrate all the company information in one place so that the data can be consulted anytime, anywhere. BI will add an analytical culture across all sectors of the business so that everyone is aware of the state of the business. Real-time updated and analyzed information will provide improvements across all sectors of the organization.


These two concepts work very well if applied together in the company, so that you can understand all the information of your business in a simple way. The life of your company happens now and you must know at every moment what is going on with the business. Likewise, you must equip yourself with the right tools so that you can make the most appropriate decisions for the future!

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