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How to Monitor Business Processes with BAM Tools

Como monitorizar os processos de negócio com ferramentas BAM

BAM tools like Multipeers are increasingly needed in companies around the world. Business Activity Monitoring enables companies to monitor in an objective and permanent manner all the business processes that are happening in the company. This tool allows monitoring the business processes against the management indicators generated by it. Through a dashboard, managers can get a complete, real-time view of all information relevant to the company’s operation, easily identifying production failures, deviations from established goals, and business opportunities. The information is presented in a graphically clean and interactive way, making the reading and assimilation of information extremely simple. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can monitor business processes with BAM!

The information is provided in real time

The life of your company is happening now. It is critical that you have direct visibility into what is happening at each moment in each area of ​​the organization. BAM tools capture real-time data from different sources of information and present them instantly in the format you choose.

Interactive dashboards for better understanding of information

The information provided by BAM tools comes in a consolidated way so that your query is easier and faster. You can choose to get the information through bar charts, multi-series charts, meters, among many other options. The information can be displayed using the most appropriate presentation, improving the analysis that the user can make of each indicator. In addition, each indicator is fully customizable according to business needs. When using the desktop, in the case of Multipeers, you can also use the ticker tool, which allows you to divulge external or internal news, messages and alerts, thus allowing all employees to be aware of what is important in the organization.

Centralized management for greater efficiency

BAM tools allow you to obtain a solid administration platform that collects data from a variety of sources. Multipeers is highly customizable and allows the distribution of processed information in a variety of ways, such as interactive graphics, widgets, meters, RSS tickers among many others.

Information from multiple sources of data

BAM tools interact directly with all your data sources such as databases, web services, MDX, Microsoft Excel, RSS feeds, multimedia content, email, applications, among others. You can even build your own connectors using the provided API so that no information from your organization is lost.

No need for clicks

BAM tools update permanently and automatically, so there is no need for any user intervention. Instead of being the user to meet the information, it is the information that the user finds autonomously.

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