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5 Steps to follow the competition

5 Passos para acompanhar a concorrência

Monitoring the competition is something that companies must do frequently, because only through effective monitoring can we know what state the market is in and know its trends. However, it is very difficult to keep up with all that goes on with our competitors, because we live in an age when we are “flooded” by information, coming from many different places. So we’ve prepared this article to present you 5 steps to follow the competition!

Google Alerts

This is a very simple and very easy to use tool. If you want to be alerted every time your competition is cited in the Web world, simply monitor the keywords related to the competition. This tool also has the advantage of being completely free!

Competitive Benchmarking

Benchmarking is an instrument that aims to improve performance in order to position itself ahead of the competition. The process is based on learning with the best experiences of companies operating in the same industry. Competitive benchmarking aims to analyze direct competition and focuses on the comparison of products and services, methods, strategies and campaigns used. The goal is to outperform the competition by improving the methods it uses.


This is one of the favorite tools of marketers as it specializes in competing data. Simply put the URL of your competitor’s website and you will immediately receive information about the keywords it uses, the organic searches it has, the traffic and paid ads in effect. The results are presented in graph format, which greatly facilitates the understanding and analysis of the data.


If you want to know the trends in your circles on social networks, you just have to use InfiniGraph. The idea is to use the power of your audience to know what content and brand trends are between them. This is a tool that can be used both for your company and to follow the competition.


This tool allows you to keep track of what goes on in blogs, videos and social networks. When searching for a term, either a keyword or a company, the tool shows you everything that is being said about that term in blogs and social platforms. Its use is very similar to Google Alerts, but in addition to publishing on websites, it also shows us sharing on social networks and on video platforms.

Analyzing the competition is a very important step to know the market in which it is inserted and to follow the trends and preferences of the consumer. We live in an information age, in which it is difficult to follow everything that goes on inside the company and also abroad. More than ever, BAM tools such as Multipeers have a leading role in companies, since they condense in a single platform information from the most diverse sources of information!

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