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What dashboards cannot miss in your company?

Que dashboards não podem faltar na sua empresa?

A dashboard is a dashboard that visually displays the most important information about the business. In case of using a tool like Multipeers, the information is updated permanently and automatically, so that you have at your disposal the most current information on everything that happens in the company. By using a dashboard, you can easily see if your business goals are being met. Linking KPIs with day-to-day activities is essential if individual and global goals are achieved more simply. In today’s article, we leave you 5 dashboards that you cannot miss in your company!

Executive Dashboard

An executive dashboard groups essential information for decision making. It is a panel that uses graphical features to simplify the general understanding of information. It is a very useful dashboard to analyze the KPIs and all the processes of a company. The standard executive dashboard is based on management methodologies such as the Balance Scorecard. The objective of this panel is to provide all executives with access to important data for the correct evaluation of new opportunities and improvement points.

Operational Dashboard

This dashboard is used by the work teams and focuses on the processes that each team needs to perform its functions. The data contained in this dashboard are intended to identify critical points of the operation, helping to correct them. They also facilitate communication between all members of the same team.

Analytic dashboard

This dashboard provides detailed information and is used to set trends against corporate goals. This panel allows you to see the results of internal actions as well as external public reactions to campaigns. A good example of this type of dashboard is Google Analytics.

Dashboard project management

This panel allows to follow all the management of the project, from planned activities, schedules, among other aspects. It is a very important tool because it decreases the probability of error and increases the effectiveness of communication.


Managers are not always able to identify deviations in work routines in a timely manner, which compromises business productivity. The dashboard will aggregate the history of the company’s operations and can set defaults to detect deviations and anomalies in real time. So the system is able to realize that something is not right and to alert you right away so that you can act before it becomes a serious problem!

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