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Time Optimization: 4 Essential Tools to Automate Your Business

Otimização de tempo: 4 ferramentas essenciais para automatizar seu negócio

“Time is money”. Where is this mantra more true than in the world of entrepreneurship? If you want great results, you will have to work hard for them. That means you have to find the time to fit in so much work, right? Not only. Do not do much, you have to do well! A shorter time, but well spent, is worth more than much time available, but wasted, misapplied or unclear as to the goals to be achieved. And worst of all, if your doing is slowed down not only by the lack of organization or clarity, but also by the lack of willingness, optimizing time well is the best choice one can make. If you are one of those who doesn’t have a lot of time, but who has been working well, this can be even better. Think about what you can achieve by using technology to your advantage. Surely your results will be even better. In this case, the best route is commercial automation. Do not know what it is? We’ll help you! Come and see some tools that can automate your business, helping you with time optimization!

1. The best tools think!

Before turning to technology, know that your intelligence is your first tool. After all, it is you who will set your goals and plan (well) what your first steps will be to achieve them.
To increase your productivity, you do not have to spend just your time. You can use tools and software (ie computer programs) as well as hire other thinking heads.
Depending on the size of your business, delegating tasks can be an excellent solution. You can, for example, hire a business administrator or accountant, or a company that helps you with all of this. Maximum Productivity, for example, is a company that can assist you with both knowledge and techniques that will let you know how to manage your enterprise, showing you the best tools to automate your work, and make it even more effective.
The best thing is that all consulting work is online, so no matter where you are and wherever your business is, everything is at your fingertips!

2. Asana

Asana is a very easy-to-use project management tool that has many features. That is why it is widely used all over the world by the most diverse entrepreneurs.
This online platform is a kind of collaborative task manager that helps organize, track, and manage the work.
In Asana, you can create and manage projects, track next steps, evaluate teamwork performance, and more.

3. Leadlovers

LeadLovers is a Digital Marketing Automation tool, a 100% online platform for any company that has several services to automate and optimize strategies, regardless of the area of ​​operation.
With this platform, you can easily create email-marketing strategies and automate them, so you do not waste time on operational activities.
In addition, you can create pages without having programming knowledge, nor do you need to hire a designer.
Is not it great? Digital marketing is critical to any business nowadays. Being able to count on such a tool helps a lot to save time and money.

4. GestãoClick

An enterprise management software (ERP) with several tools that help the small and medium entrepreneur to optimize their time.
One of them is financial control, which has several functionalities that can help you organize various aspects of the day to day of your business, such as:
• Bills to pay.
• Bills to receive.
• Bank reconciliation.
• Issue of tickets.
• And much more!
In addition to financial control, you can also control the stock, issue invoices, control budgets, quotes, purchases and many other features.
It is one of the most complete business management systems on the market, aimed specifically at small and medium-sized companies.
And best of all is that you can count on privacy, security and backup of all data. If you are in doubt about how it works, you can try it for free.

If you want to optimize your time and take care of the real growth of your business, invest in digital tools. A consulting with Maximum Productivity can also help. Think about it! Make your time yield good results.

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