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What is the impact of real-time analysis on business?

Qual o impacto da análise em tempo real para os negócios?

Business is happening at a very fast pace today, which means that managers need to monitor in real time everything that happens in companies, otherwise they will lose relevant information that is needed for conscious decision making. Nowadays, it is no longer advisable to only analyze reports that are a few days late: the market demands that you always keep abreast of what happens in your business. In today’s article, we will realize what the impact of real-time data analysis is for business.

More efficient decision making

When you know exactly what is going on in your business, it is much easier to make the right decisions. Analyzing your business in real time will give you all the inputs you need so you can consciously decide on the best course to take. The reports with a few days present outdated information, which doesn’t correspond to the actual state of the company at that time. Therefore, often the decisions made are mismatched and don’t benefit the business. Monitoring the business in real time will change this scenario, because you will have reliable information in your hand and will be able to make better decisions.

Possibility of correcting deviations in operational processes

A failure in the production process can mean serious problems with customers, suppliers and partners if it is not detected and corrected in a timely manner. Keeping track of the production process in real time allows us to identify any failures and their correctness, without letting the process with a problem drag to its final stage. Thus, even if there are problems in the production phase, it will be easier to avoid that these problems have an impact on the final result.

Using multiple sources of data and content

With the use of a system of data analysis in real time it’s possible to aggregate in a single system all the information related to the company. In this way, access to information becomes much easier and the time previously spent to gather information from various sources is reduced. There will no longer be a need to open multiple programs to understand what happened at a given time.

Ability to set business alerts

Business monitoring software such as Multipeers allows you to set up business alerts whenever there is a deviation from what is considered normal within your company. Wherever you are, you will be notified by SMS or email about any changes and you can act immediately, even before there is damage to the organization. This proves to be an enormous competitive advantage because it enables immediate action, even before there are consequences for the company’s processes.

More efficient people management

Real-time information on human resources can be a great competitive advantage for companies that want to adapt to changes. The monitoring systems provide immediate data on the distribution of employees in different sectors of the company, as well as updated information on their availability. Thus, it becomes easier to manage teams and optimize the work of employees, increasing the collective income.

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