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Digital marketing: how to monitor your company’s social media in real time

Marketing digital: como monitorizar as redes sociais da sua empresa em tempo real

Business is happening at a very fast pace today, which forces managers to monitor in real time everything that happens in companies. Nowadays, it is no longer advisable to only analyse reports with a few days: the market demands that you be always aware of what happens in your business. In addition, the increasing dependence of the human being on social networks dictates how companies must follow everything that goes on in their social media profiles. Thus, it is essential to always be aware of what happens in the digital world so that you can take advantage of all the emerging business opportunities. In today’s article, we cover the key ways to monitor your company’s social media in real time.


This tool was created in 2010 to schedule tweets. However, the success was so great that it started to make the scheduling of publications available to other social networks. In addition to publishing schedules, this tool also allows you to create reports on each publication.


Hootsuite also allows scheduling of publications and gives us a real perspective on the positioning of the brand in each social network. Hootsuite lets you know in real time what is said about a brand and also allows you to create alerts that let you know when someone mentions your brand.


Tool that analyses the behaviour of the visitors in their profiles in the most diverse social networks. This tool makes it possible to check the statistics of clicks, downloads, backlinks and comments quite easily and in real time.


Multipeers is a business monitoring system that allows you to analyse what is happening in the company. It is a BAM system that gives us information about the state of each department, as it condenses information from the various data sources into a single platform. In this way, it is easier for managers to know what goes on in each department, improving communication among all and allowing improvements and corrections to be applied. In addition, it is also possible to connect the tool to various social media profiles and be alerted whenever there is activity in the profiles of your brand.

Why should I monitor what happens on social networks in real time?

  • Identifying business opportunities: By monitoring real-time social networks you can identify opportunities right when they appear, allowing you to stay one step ahead of your competition. A fluctuation in demand for a product, for example, could lead you to launch a specific campaign, increasing sales and improving company results.

  • Possibility of Alerts: Business monitoring software such as Multipeers allows you to set up business alerts whenever there is a deviation from what is considered normal within your company. Wherever you are, you will be notified by SMS or email about any changes and you can act immediately, even before there is damage to the organization.

  • Better decisions: When you know exactly what your audience thinks about you and what they need, it’s much easier to make the right decision. Analysing what they say about you in real time will give you all the inputs you need so that you can consciously decide on the best course to take. The reports with a few days present outdated information, which doesn’t correspond to the actual state of the company at that time. Therefore, often the decisions made are mismatched and don’t benefit the business.

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