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7 Lessons from Steve Jobs to better manage your business

7 Lições de Steve Jobs para gerir melhor o seu negócio

The name of Steve Jobs doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. In addition to the incredible technologies he has developed throughout his life, Steve Jobs has also left a story that still inspires a lot of entrepreneurs and managers. Its unique way of meeting the challenges and managing people is an inspiration to many professionals. In today’s article, we highlight the top 7 lessons of Steve Jobs to better manage your business!

Accept that you cannot do everything by yourself

Many managers think that they can do everything on their own and this is a big mistake, as it can even compromise the whole company. Listening to the opinion of work teams is essential to getting to know other points of view and other ways of solving the same problem. Steve Jobs didn’t create the iPhone alone and gave immense value to the opinion of those around him.

Keep the focus even in the middle of the chaos

All managers need focus to guide their work. When Steve Jobs arrived at Apple, he found a chaotic scenario where several versions of the Macintosh were being produced simultaneously. It was necessary to guide the work team, focusing on two products: a laptop and a Desktop version. The end result was two products that were well-suited to meet the real needs of customers.

Do what you really like

Nowadays, it is not easy to work only on what we like, but having a passion for our work will make all the difference in the final results. Jobs was very fond of the area where he worked and so he was more committed than most people. Only with real passion for our work can we be happy every day!

Simplify processes

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”: this was Apple’s marketing motto. Steve Jobs wished that all actions of the iPhone were accomplished in 3 clicks only. It is essential that companies offer practical and simple solutions to their customers, because today’s consumers are very demanding and like ready-to-use and easy-to-handle solutions.

Learn from mistakes

Even the best pros fail and Steve Jobs was no exception. Many managers are frustrated when they make mistakes and fail to take advantage of the lessons that all mistakes have to offer us. After a fall, you must have enough strength to stand up and this is achieved through an objective and realistic analysis of what went wrong.

Don’t settle

Many companies settle when they reach the desired level of success. It is a mistake to think that they can accommodate themselves and that they no longer need to strive harder to please customers. Innovation and the search for improvements must be a constant in the action of companies, because only in this way will they be able to have dynamic and profitable businesses.

Seek perfection in everything you do

It is not enough to deliver what is acceptable: we must go further and try to always do the best we can. Perfection is a subjective concept, but if each employee and manager of a company does its best in every task, the end result will be exceptional and it will be very difficult for the competition to do better!

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