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The importance of BAM tools for decision making

A importância das ferramentas BAM para a tomada de decisões

Making decisions for the future of the business is a daunting task for managers. Often, they don’t have all the necessary information to analyze situations objectively, which complicates to a large extent correct decision-making. In the day-to-day fulfilled in which they live constantly, the lack of time to evaluate the operations of the company is a major enemy of the decision-making. The large amount of information that currently exists is also a concern for companies, which increasingly find it difficult to deal with this information and manage it so that better decisions are made. BAM tools are used to increase the effectiveness of the business and to obtain all the data to make the right decisions. Let’s talk about the importance of BAM tools for decision making!

The information is delivered in real time

Business life happens now, every moment, and it is essential that you know what is going on with your business. Decisions based on a few days’ reporting are always reactive and risk being overtaken by a competition that is quicker to act. Knowing everything that goes on in real time with your business is essential so you can make timely decisions and have a proactive stance in the market.

Quick and intuitive query

The information provided by BAM tools comes in a consolidated way so that your query is easier and faster. You can choose to get the information through bar charts, multi-series charts, meters, among many other options. The information can be displayed using the most appropriate presentation, improving the analysis that the user can make of each indicator. In addition, each indicator is fully customizable according to business needs. When using the desktop, in the case of Multipeers, you can also use the ticker tool, which allows you to divulge external or internal news, messages and alerts, thus allowing all employees to be aware of what is important in the organization, which means that everyone is able to contribute to effective decision-making.

Immediate perception of problems

The real-time information provided by BAM tools informs us at the moment about the state of things, which allows us to know in good time what is going wrong, so that we can solve the situations. With this new management model, it is not necessary to resort to old reports to find out why something went wrong, because we are alerted immediately.

No need for clicks

BAM tools update permanently and automatically, so there is no need for user intervention. Instead of being the user looking for the information, it is the information that, in an autonomous way, finds the user. Business monitoring is a simple and intuitive process.

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