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Everything You Need To Know To Build An Effective Business Plan

Tudo o que precisa de saber para construir um plano de negócios eficaz

A business plan is a very important management tool because it acts as a guide that will direct all our activity. The business plan helps to define the objectives and actions needed to realize them, reducing risks and increasing the likelihood that everything will work out. However, the business plan is much more than a set of ideas: it is a document created from the intensive analysis of the market. In today’s article, we leave you some tips to build an effective business plan!

Choose the right methodology

On the Internet you will find “recipes” ready for business plans, which tell you that you have to analyze the market, define mission and values, among other things. However, these standardized methodologies don’t address all the aspects that have to be addressed! You can start by using methodologies you find on the Web, but you should always tailor them to the real needs of your business.

Get to know your audience

This is one of the most important steps of the business plan. It is essential to know the needs of your target audience. As good as your product is, if the public does not need it it will not be able to win in the market. Study the habits of your target, namely lifestyle, level of education and its characteristics. Sometimes it is at this point that business plans die because if the entrepreneur realizes that their target does not need their product, it is not worth continuing to work on that idea. The key to product success lies in the ability to deliver what the audience needs.

Bet the difference

In an age where there are so many products and services it is not very easy to innovate and create new things. However, you can not offer what all companies offer the same way they do, otherwise you will not be able to stand out. It is necessary to go beyond the obvious to stand out in the competitive market of today. This part of the business plan exists research and dedication so as to be able to find a prominent point in your product or service.

Always have a plan B

The scenario that all entrepreneurs want is for the business to be a success. However, they must be prepared to face difficulties and to spend moments of greater tension. It is essential that your business plan be realistic and that it is in accordance with the political and economic scenario of the moment. You should anticipate favorable and unfavorable plans, because in this way you will be better prepared to face all the difficulties that arise along the way.

Define business metrics

It is essential that you constantly measure the success of your enterprise and in this part KPIs (or business metrics) play a very important role. You should focus on metrics that indicate the state of your business and these should be based on metrics of productivity, quality, ti, marketing, among others.

Defining business indicators in a conscious way is fundamental to being able to analyze the business objectively. It is essential that the indicators analyzed show managers the way forward in order to correct errors and apply new strategies. Multipeers offers you a set of 50 KPIs essential for 360º management of your business. Download our e-book!

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