10 Advantages of real-time analysis for business

10 Vantagens da análise em tempo real para os negócios

Companies can no longer survive if they are not always aware of everything that goes on in the business and in its market. The need for real-time information has triggered the use of BAM systems such as Multipeers, because through these tools it is possible to follow in a single dashboard everything that goes on in the business and still set up business alerts that warn the user whenever something comes out of its previously defined standard. In today’s article, we present 10 advantages of real-time analysis for business!

Better Business Decisions

When the manager knows exactly what is going on in the business, it is much easier to make the right decision. Analyzing the real-time business allows you to have all the inputs you need to consciously decide on the best route to take. The reports with a few days present outdated information, which no longer corresponds to the actual state of the company at that time. Therefore, often the decisions made are mismatched and do not benefit the business.

Faster identification of business opportunities

With real-time analytics you can identify opportunities at the moment they appear, allowing you to stay one step ahead of the competition. A change in demand for a product, for example, could lead you to launch a specific campaign, which will increase sales and improve overall results.

More efficient management of human resources

Real-time information about the company’s human resources can be a great competitive advantage for companies that want to adapt to change faster. The monitoring systems provide immediate data on the distribution of employees in different sectors of the company, as well as updated information on their availability. This makes team management much more efficient.

Setting alerts to act immediately

Business monitoring software like Multipeers allows you to set up business alerts. Wherever you are, you will be notified by SMS or email about any changes to your previously set standards and you can act immediately, even before there is any harm to the organization. This proves to be a huge competitive advantage because it enables immediate action.

Use various data sources

With the use of a system of analysis in real time it is possible to aggregate in a single system all the information relative to the company. In this way, access to information becomes much easier and intuitive, reducing the time previously spent to gather information from various sources. The manager will make life easier and will be able to act more quickly.

Early detection in productive processes

A failure in the production process can mean serious problems with customers, suppliers and partners if it is not detected and corrected in time. Monitoring the production process in real time allows identifying any faults and their correction. In this way, any deviations will be corrected in a timely manner and will avoid major problems for the company.

In-depth knowledge about customers

With the use of tools that make it possible to analyze the data in real time, it is possible to immediately perceive the client’s preferred medium, its needs and the problems it presents. This information guarantees a more personalized service and according to what the customer really needs.

Makes business processes more agile

As real-time information management programs present the information in a condensed and ready-to-analyze form, the need to make extensive reports will disappear. In this way, employees who previously had this responsibility will have more time available for other tasks, which will certainly contribute to an increase in productivity. Real-time analysis eliminates more bureaucratic tasks, which makes the company more agile.

Reducing the risk of making mistakes

The use of real-time data analysis systems reduces communication failures and accelerates data consolidation. All company information will only be in one location, which makes analytical processes more agile and effective. Thus, the probability of communication failure becomes very low, which contributes to more assertive decision making.

Consulting business information from anywhere

Almost all real-time information management programs present the possibility of being used on mobile devices. Therefore, it is possible to be in a meeting or a trip and have real and updated information about the state of the business. This is a very important advantage, as more and more your business is where you are, so it is essential that you always have access to the most current information about your company!


Analyzing data in real time is increasingly a reality in companies around the world. Business happens at a very fast pace and it is essential that you know what is happening in your company to make the most appropriate decisions for your business. Download our e-book and learn how a BAM tool can help your management!

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