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What can we expect from technology in 2019?

O que podemos esperar da tecnologia em 2019?

The end of the year is always the time to anticipate trends and it is essential that companies are aware of the technological innovations of the upcoming year. Gartner has already pointed out the key technology trends that we will find in 2019. In today’s article, we talk about the major technology trends in the new year!

Digital Twins

This is a solution that aims to improve the processes of creation, testing and correction in the manufacture of new products. In fact, digital twins are nothing more than a copy of processes that exist in reality. At the same time that a product is developed in the physical world, its creation also happens in the virtual world. In this way, it is possible to carry out tests and analyzes before the product reaches the market. The main advantages of this technology are: reduction of production time, reduction of costs, greater capacity of adaptation, better forecast of profits and improvements of the forecast of risks and reduction of errors.

Augmented Analytics

Data are the most important assets of companies and managers need to be aware of this. By 2019 data analysis is expected to become even more important and programs and applications are used to enable data to be analyzed faster and more automatically. The goal is not to replace humans in this task, but to equip them with all the tools and information necessary for more assertive decision making. In this way, you can automate data creation, discover trends, and exchange information across departments. The RH, financial, sales and marketing departments are the ones who most benefit from this type of analysis.


Blockchain is very fashionable due to the increasing use of crypto-coins, but its use goes far beyond that. This technology makes transaction logging much more secure. This technology has innovated in the way of recording information, which provides a new way of working with data in the web world. However, Blockchain is not only used in the world of crypto-coins. Also in the area of ​​health this technology can be used, since it allows a registry of all data movement, which increases the security of the same. 2019 will be the year of solidification of this technology.


Chatbots are the stars of artificial intelligence. They are linked to the company’s database and use common language to talk to customers. They are able to recognize names and phone numbers to predict customer behavior. They are very intelligent systems in that they store the essential information so they can refer customers to the areas they need to consult. Ryanair, for example, already uses this system to talk to customers. More and more companies are using this functionality and it is expected that in 2019 there will be a great increase in their use.

Interactive Dashboards

The large volume and complexity of data requires new ways of analyzing information. Interactive dashboards are going to be a big trend next year. Softwares such as Multipeers allow the creation of an interactive dashboard with information from several data sources, which makes the analysis faster and, consequently, the decision making is faster and efficient.

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