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The main pillars of information security in companies

Os principais pilares da segurança de informação nas empresas

We may venture to say that “security” was the most widely heard word for business needs in 2018. Following the entry into force of the new general data protection regulation, companies were effectively concerned with ensuring that their information was secure , adopting new tools and new ways of dealing with the giant wave of data that is generated daily. But what are the main pillars of information security in companies?


Confidentiality concerns all procedures and policies that allow you to restrict and regulate access to sensitive and confidential information. It is important that in a company the access to information is regulated and that it has several levels, according to the positions and the need of access of each employee. Most computer attacks are from internal sources, so you have to be careful that the company’s most important information does not fall into the wrong hands.


Integrity is an important pillar since it allows us to identify if there has been any change in the process or the sending of the data. Data integrity is essential for the smooth running of a business and it is important that the data remain unchanged even after passing through successive people. Confidential data of a company can not be changed by any employee, and there must be a defined procedure for this situation.


Data must be available whenever it is necessary to access it. Information security can not allow the data to be “in a distant place,” where many steps are required to be able to visualize them. Cloud storage has been gaining more and more “followers” over the last few years as it allows data to be available anywhere, anytime, from any device. However, it is essential that there be care with the safety of the devices used in the company. Having a good antivirus, not opening suspicious emails or visiting unreliable sites are rules that should always be followed.


Authenticity is one of the fundamental pillars of data security. We must know the source of the data we deal with, because only then can we guarantee that they are reliable and current.

It is no longer a novelty that companies need to protect their information more and more. We live in a highly digital world and therefore the threats have proliferated at a very fast speed. Nowadays companies need to effectively use data security solutions, otherwise they will see their confidential information exposed. A security breach can be dramatic for a business, and can even dictate the end of it. In today’s article, we’ll realize how much does a security breach actually cost.  Threats to data security are getting bigger and more sophisticated, making it harder to ensure data security in the business. Protecting the information your company generates on a daily basis is essential for business success and at this stage when the new general data protection regulation has already come into force, it is even more important to work towards securing company and its stakeholders.

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